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Hej! Vi inbjuder alla att den 5 Internationella Triathlon 113 Slaviska Wave!


Ursäkta mig, men då endast på engelska.  :)))))


We are glad to invite you on the 5th Int'l 113 Iron Triathlon Slavic Wave!

The official site of triathlon is:

This year for the first time on Triathlon Slavic Wave there will be Club Championship.

Knowing the organized club system in Sweden, our clubs would like to compete with yours ones.

Now it is easy to get to Ukraine with WizzAir airlines. Pereyaslav is about 85 km from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. We could help to plan the trip to Ukraine, including competitions, excursions on the museums, excursion in Kyiv. We could help with accomodation in Pereyaslav and Kyiv and, of course, with all the transfers.

Looking forward for all your questions,

technical secretary of SW-2011,

Andrii Shcherbanivskyi.


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We have a report of italian sportsman Hartmann Stampfer, who had discovered Ukraine for himself on Slavic Marathon in Pereyaslav in 2010.


That competition also was provided by the members of our Club. There were more than 35 foreign sportsmen and 21 Sweden sportsmen among them!

You can also take an advise from Roger Andersson, who was one of the competitors of Slavic Marathon:


Welcome to Ukraine!

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