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How many calories does running burn?

Figuring out how many calories you burn when running is, on a simple level, a fairly straightforward calculation. Most experts (and lots of

Ironman swim training in the pool

Photo: Shutterstock

For many athletes the swim portion of an Ironman is a significant challenge. Limited visibility, creatures lurking beneath you, people all

Video: How to calculate your Functional Threshold Power

Whether it’s a one-hour test or a 20-min test, using a power meter or just a heart-rate monitor, there are several ways to calculate

TrainingPeaks announces compatibility with all Suunto devices

Beginning March 3rd, all Suunto products will be compatible with TrainingPeaks… TrainingPeaks has announced that they are now

Challenge Family announces launch of Challenge Regensburg

Regensburg, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, will host the second Challenge Family race over the full distance in

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Loving that 20 meter draft rule

At the inaugural Challenge Dubai our editor-in-chief observed the 20 meter draft rule for pros and came away impressed.

Find Your Superbike: Trek

If you knew what I know, you could find the bikes, all bikes, road or tri, that fit you, in 20 or 30 minutes tops. So let's make sure you know what I know.

Looking for a Tri Bike?

How do you choose a bike? Herein is a list of imperatives, 18 of them. How could any bike run that gauntlet? Turns out, selecting your perfect bike isn't that hard.

Brad Kahlefeldt's Giant Trinity

Aussie Brad Kahlefeldt focuses now on middle distance events and we managed to get a hold of his Giant Trinity Advanced SL at Challenge Dubai.

The Weekend Box Mar 1 2015

Weekend events include a Brazilian Olympic distance classic, a Cross Triathlon set in Australia's Snowy Mountains and a retired Canadian triathlon pro who keeps running faster.

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Gothenburg Triathlon 2015 på Göteborg (Rådasjön/Gunnebo)

6 Juni 2015 från 8.00 till 14.00
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24 Feb

4 Traditional Indoor Cycling Workouts With a Twist

Many cyclists have been training indoors for several months, and it doesn't take long for the same workouts to get a bit repetitive. With another month or more before you'll reliably be able to get outside, you'll need to find a way to spice up some your basic indoor cycling routine.

The four examples below are common workouts cyclists use indoors to get in shape for the season. Use these tips to give these indoor sessions a twist and keep from letting your training get repetitive this winter.

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Workout #1: Threshold Interval

Traditional Workout: Threshold intervals are done to improve anaerobic threshold and endurance. Traditionally, you should aim for a steady effort, mimicking a time trial effort for 15 to 45 minutes.

Indoor Twist—Over Under Interval: After a good warm up, accelerate to threshold heart rate or power. Maintain this intensity level for 5 to 10 minutes. Increase your effort until you're above threshold or to the point where your body goes anaerobic. Hold this intensity for 2 to 3 minutes. Drop your intensity level back to threshold. Continue to go back and forth for up to 30 minutes. If you are just starting out, try three minutes under, three minutes over and three minutes under. Recover for nine minutes and repeat. You can increase the length and the number of "over-unders" as you become fitter.

This workout trains your body to process more lactic acid and prevents it from pooling in the muscles, which can cause fatigue. The over under intervals are especially good for teaching your body how to recover at a high intensities.

More: 2 Indoor Trainer Workouts

Workout #2: VO2 Max Interval

Traditional Workout: These workouts are done to increase VO2 max, which is the ability to achieve and sustain intensities above anaerobic threshold. Traditionally, they last 3 to 5 minutes and are paced evenly using a power meter (they are too short to get accurate heart rate readings).

Indoor Twist—Breakaway Simulation: This workout is similar to the over under, but with a slightly different purpose. Rather than accelerating smoothly and maintaining a high power output from beginning to end, try the following three-minute interval:

1. Start with a fast, out of the saddle acceleration at 97-percent effort level. It's not quite an all out sprint, but close.

2. Continue for 30 seconds and then shift into an easier gear. Settle in and maintain a high power output for two minutes.

3. With 30 seconds left in the interval, accelerate again, this time to 100-percent effort level. Maintain this all the way to the end of the three-minute interval.

Note: These intervals are a practical way to simulate a race or training ride. The first 30-second effort replicates an initial attack in which you attempt to separate yourself from the pack or follow a breakaway move. The next two minutes simulate the high pace you will have to maintain during your break in order to stave off the charging pack. The final 30-second effort simulates the sprint for the finish.

More: 3 Drills to Improve Cycling Efficiency and Pedal Cadence

Workout #3: The One-Minute Max Effort

Traditional Workout: These all out one-minute intervals are traditional done with a smooth and steady power output. The purpose is to improve anaerobic capacity.

Indoor Twist—Make It or Break It Interval: There comes a moment in every race or challenging training ride where you have to decide how bad you really want it. Are you willing to give everything, physically and mentally, to achieve your goal, or would you rather not take the risk of putting it all on the line with the chance of later getting dropped?

These intervals will increase the "all" that you have to give. Start with a high level of resistance so that with an all out effort, your cadence is at 60 revolutions per minute (rpm). For the first 30 seconds, pedal as hard as you can, pushing at 100-percent effort level and 60 rpms. At the 30-second mark, quickly drop the resistance (the equivalent of shifting from your 11 to your 15 or 17 cog on your rear cassette) and continue at a 100-percent effort level for the final 30 seconds.

It may take awhile to get the hang of these. You'll know you're doing them correctly when you find that even with the last 30 seconds done at a much lower resistance level, you're still not be able to maintain a cadence above 70 rpms.

Note: These intervals will train you to get to the top of a steep climb or the last of a set of rolling climbs and maintain contact with the group so you can recover as you head down the other side.

More: 2 Indoor Workouts to Improve Your Climbing

Workout #4: High Cadence Spinning

Traditional Workout: Traditionally done on a flat road with very little resistance at a cadence of 120 to 130 rpms for 10 to 60 minutes with the goal of increasing leg speed and pedaling efficiency.

Indoor Twist—Spin Ups: The old-fashioned high spin interval is actually a great workout to do on a trainer or rollers. If you're looking to mix things up a bit, give these a try.

1. Over the course of 30 seconds, with very little resistance, build up to the absolute highest cadence you can achieve while keeping your form relatively smooth.

2. Hold that cadence for as long as you can ( aim for at least 1 to 3 minutes) while maintaining good pedaling form.

3. Rest for three minutes and repeat. Continue until you can no long reach your maximum pedaling speed.

Note: In order to prevent injuries, make sure to accelerate smoothly over the first 30 seconds. Don't over extend yourself in order to reach a higher maximum cadence. If you find your hips are rocking or you feel that you are out of control, lower your cadence until your pedaling becomes smoother and your upper body is relaxed and still.

More: 10 Workouts Every Cyclist Should Do

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Polis-SM på Tjörn

Hör upp alla poliser! I sommar kan ni göra upp på västkustens pärla Tjörn.

Fem snabba med STF:s nya arrangemangsansvarig

STF har nu fått en ny arrangemangsansvarig i Üve Hillep. Hon är 35 år och har tidigare arbetat med event på olika sätt och då bland annat som tävlingsledare för Malmö Triathlon. Vi ställde fem snabba frågor till henne.

LCHF-kryssningen fullsatt – här är programmet och en alternativ kryssning

Årets LCHF-kryssning till Åbo – lördag 28 mars – blir större än någonsin med 600 platser. Trots det är den helt slutsåld sedan mitten av februari! Konferenslokalerna rymmer tyvärr inte fler deltagare. Nu finns det ett färdigt program för dig som vill förbereda dagarna: Program för LCHF-kryssningen Bästa chansen för dig som inte har biljett men […]

Inlägget LCHF-kryssningen fullsatt – här är programmet och en alternativ kryssning dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Orsakar fet mat halsbränna?

Äter du LCHF och vill prata med någon som förstår? Då är Kostdoktorns forum platsen för dig. Här är de tre hetaste diskussionerna denna vecka: Magkatarr/halsbränna DaniM har problem med halsbränna och undrar nu om fett kan vara en orsak eftersom det är vad man hittar när man söker information om halsbränna. DaniM är rädd att hon måste sluta med LCHF och […]

Inlägget Orsakar fet mat halsbränna? dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

Train for Duration or Distance?

I received a question from a coach this week which is common. The coach's athlete did a half-Ironman triathlon on a windy day and wasn't able to maintain his planned power and so slowed down a lot in the last several kilometers. Yet he was well-trained. What went wrong? This...

What It Takes to be Fast After 50

By now you may be aware of my latest book—Fast After 50—being in print. In February it will also be ready to go as an ebook. This project started out as a birthday present to myself. I was approaching my 70th birthday and that number was scary for some reason....

What’s Better for You: High Volume or High Intensity Training?

Should the primary focus of your training be on volume or intensity? We get some help answering that question from a study by Gaskill and associates done in 1999. It’s now getting somewhat old, but still has good lessons for us. It’s also a long-term study that is rare in...


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Quick Look: Gear Geek Box

The new Gear Geek Box is aimed at triathletes who love trying new products and gadgets.

The post Quick Look: Gear Geek Box appeared first on

More People Finding Triathlon At An Older Age

Athletes compete at the 2014 ITU Grand Final in Edmonton. Photo: Janos Schmidt/

New York Times author Elizabeth Olson writes about the growing number of people using triathlon as a tool to stay healthy at an older age.

The post More People Finding Triathlon At An Older Age appeared first on

Jenks, Demarest Given USAT Junior Elite Honors

Stephanie Jenks. Photo: Scott Taylor/ITU

Stephanie Jenks and Brent Demarest were today announced as the 2014 USA Triathlon Junior Elite Triathletes of the Year.

The post Jenks, Demarest Given USAT Junior Elite Honors appeared first on

Pro Bikes Of Challenge Dubai

Get a look at the bikes the top athletes rode last weekend in the desert.

The post Pro Bikes Of Challenge Dubai appeared first on


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Frispråkig Iron Man-blogg!

Hjärtligt ihjälkomna skall ni våras! Ja, så sa Robert Gustavsson i Kuknästornet och så säger jag också.

Med en gnutta humor och väldigt mycket hårt slit tänkte jag som många andra försöka genomföra Iron Man i Kalmar (hemmaplan) nästa år. Min…


Upplagd av Mattias Nilsson den 25 Oktober 2014 klockan 1.08

Resor till Triathlontävlingar i världen


Någon som vet om företag som har arrangerar resor till Triathlon-tävlingar i världen?

Har letat lite men inte hittat något klockrent.

/Micke Ch

Upplagd av Micke Ch den 22 Oktober 2014 klockan 10.09



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