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Buyer’s guide: Wetsuits

It’s tough to feel if a wetsuit’s catch panels are doing anything, but the Cat 5 is different. Plastic cutouts feel stiff when catching water, making it obvious when arm position is optimized. Good swimmers will appreciate the suit’s neutral position. Others might want something more buoyant—and less pricey. You’ll need to pack some extra lube to get this suit on, but it’ll come off like a breeze.

It’s that time of year when the water is starting to warm up and the wetsuits get dusted down. But if you’re in the market for

Debunking popular pre-race myths

Photo: Delly Carr

Athletes put a lot of thought and planning into their training schedule, and with good reason. The right combination of hard workouts,

60 minute session: Bike interval mixer

Photo: Nick Salazar

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). This week’s workout comes from

Video: Conrad Stoltz talks racing off-road

Conrad ‘Caveman’ Stoltz knows a thing or two about off-road triathlon. The four-time XTERRA World Champion sat down ahead of

Tri Training Harder’s Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire Bike Course Review

Click to enlarge

The team at Tri Training Harder have been working hard analysing the course at the upcoming Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire. They shared their

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A Jamaican duel for the ages

Some people say that Jakes Off Road Triathlon isn't about winning and losing - it's about the vibe. Don't tell that to 31-year-old David Bromfield and 49-year-old Bobby Barnes.

2015 Sea Otter Classic day 3

The Sea Otter Classic goes on until Sunday but we end our daily coverage today. Competitions, bikes, gear and gadgets is what we noticed today.

The Scott Scale of Nino Schurter

At the Sea Otter Classic Nino Schurter won the short track race on Friday and the cross country event on Sunday and we looked closer at his Scott Scale race bike.

Gwen on the Bike

America's brightest triathlon star is a fish in the water and a deer on the run. But on the bike? Not so much. Is that changing? Maybe so.

Recon Jet in the Flesh

It's finally here. Pre-orders of the Recon Jet are being filled. This has been one of the most anticipated releases of a sports microelectronic in recent years. How well does it work?

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Your 6-Month IRONMAN Training Plan

Leading into race-specific training, you need to make sure you're ready to train for the distance and challenge of an IRONMAN race. American and two-time IRONMAN World Championship winner Tim DeBoom called this preparation, "training to be able to train." The key training period lands about 12 weeks out from race day, and you need to be fit going into this period. The training you do in those 6 to 8 months leading up to that period will allow you to be able to train specifically for your IRONMAN event. Starting this far out will give you time to practice a few race simulations, make corrections on nutrition, pacing and mental skills.

So what does training six months out from your race look like? Here are my top five recommendations for what to focus on leading into your IRONMAN.

More: 4 Tips to Survive IRONMAN Training

1. Consistency in Training

There is nothing more important in IRONMAN training than consistency. Getting in the required number of sessions each week is paramount in improving. When my athletes keep their weekly sessions consistent, we see steady improvement. Whether it's four swim, bike and run sessions per week or a certain number of hours, yards or miles, consistency is the most important part of improvement.

Huge swings in the number of sessions, hours and mileage can set athletes up for injury and ultimately failure. In his bestselling book Great by Choice, Jim Collins talks about the 20-mile march. It's a term coined from the ultimate race to discover the South Pole. With dwindling food supplies and ferociously cold weather, this was a matter of life and death. The team that consistently went 20 miles every day ultimately won the race and lived to tell about it. This applies not only to athletics, but to business and academics as well.

How to Choose a Race

2. Test Yourself Often

Consistent testing helps you understand how your training is going. If you've been doing fitness assessments and don't see an improvement, then you need to change your training. Why? Because what you're doing isn't working.

The tests I recommend are as follows:

Swim: A 1000 or 2000-meter straight swim for best effort. Most people can push pretty hard for 1000 meters, but 2000 meters is another animal. There's no place to hide a bad swim stroke over 25 to 45 minutes.

Bike: Here I like to see athletes do longer testing, such as 12 miles or 30 minutes straight. Like the 1000-meter swim TT, I think it's less difficult to go hard on a 20-minute power or threshold heart rate test than it is a 30-minute (or 10 to 12 mile) effort.

Run: Running hard for 30 minutes (or some equivalent mileage) is quite different. One is a straight up 30-minute run test (a 10k can be substituted here). Another test would be a solid IRONMAN 70.3 effort for an hour off of a long bike ride. The longer the test the better as it will get closer to simulating your race.

More: The 4 Rules of IRONMAN Training

Fortsättning här

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Förbundets Lotta Kellander föreslagen till RF/SISU:s styrelse

Alldeles nyss presenterade RF och SISU:s valberedningar sitt förslag till den nya personunionen för RF/SISU. Lotta Kellander som sitter i STF:s styrelse är en av dem. Som ordförande föreslås Björn Eriksson.

Eva Nyström i mål som 8:a

Eva Nyström slutade på en 8:e plats i duathlon-EM i Holland under söndagen. "Inte mitt bästa lopp men cyklingen gick riktigt bra", säger Eva.

Ger bra föräldrar sina barn socker hela tiden?

Det här inlägget kommer säkert att reta vissa, men de flesta förstår säkert den viktiga poängen. Kolla in den här reklamen från MER om hur mammor och barn ska ”njuta mer” tillsammans. MER innehåller bara två större ingredienser, socker och vatten, precis som läsk. Är det verkligen en bra idé för mammor att servera sina […]

Inlägget Ger bra föräldrar sina barn socker hela tiden? dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Poulet au four à la LCHF

Här är dagens frestande LCHF-recept ur kokboken Matkärlek – Poulet au four. Eller namnet som vi icke-franska barbarer använder: Kyckling i ugn. Här är recept och näringsberäkning: Poulet au four Helstekt kyckling i ugn är bland det godaste jag vet. Det smakar söndagsmiddag utan att man behöver anstränga sig och sköter sig själv i ugnen. Ju större […]

Inlägget Poulet au four à la LCHF dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel


I read a tweet a few days ago from @BenDrury1 that read: Wouldn’t it be great if we changed the terminology of ‘Recovery Strategies’ to ‘Adaptation Strategies’. Goal is to improve not maintain. He’s right. Recovery days just don’t seem important enough to do them. Knowing instead that a recovery...

ADS Prescription Sports Sunglasses

I’m quite picky when it comes to working closely with companies in the sports industry. I learned to be that way several years ago when a business I supported performed so poorly that it reflected back on me. That’s the reason you see only three sponsors on my blog’s home...

Train for Duration or Distance?

I received a question from a coach this week which is common. The coach's athlete did a half-Ironman triathlon on a windy day and wasn't able to maintain his planned power and so slowed down a lot in the last several kilometers. Yet he was well-trained. What went wrong? This...


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Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

Potts, Piampiano On Top At 70.3 New Orleans

Americans Andy Potts and Sarah Piampiano battled it out in close races at today's Ironman 70.3 New Orleans to earn the early-season

The post Potts, Piampiano On Top At 70.3 New Orleans appeared first on

Currie, Duffy Win XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship

Flora Duffy has been unstoppable in XTERRA races. Photo: XTERRA

Braden Currie (NZL) and Flora Duffy (BER) took the titles in muddy conditions at Callala Beach Saturday afternoon.

The post Currie, Duffy Win XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship appeared first on

Celebrities To Compete, Raise Funds At Life Time South Beach

Photo: Nils Nilsen

Several celebrities along with hundreds of age-group triathletes, are signed up to compete this weekend at Life Time Tri South Beach.

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Meet The 6 USAT Hall Of Fame Inductees

Tim DeBoom competes in Kona. Photo: John Segesta

The six inductees will be honored at a banquet on Saturday, April 18 at 5:30 p.m. ET at the Harvard Club in Boston.

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De osimmande svenskarna?

Som triathlonarrangör blir man snart medveten om att många svenskar anser att dom inte kan simma. När vi pratar triathlongrenar har dom ofta inga problem med cyklingen och löpningen, men ”Nej, simma det kan jag inte!” Inte ens kortaste sträckan…


Upplagd av HK Sport Events den 7 April 2015 klockan 10.00

Triathlon utstyr fra

Hej alle sammen.

Jeg har satt sammen en utstyrspakke til triathlon. Norske triatleter har hjulpet med å velge ut utstyret i pakken. Flere hundre Nordmenn har svart på undersøkelser.…


Upplagd av Marius Undrum den 16 Mars 2015 klockan 19.44



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