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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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A Day Of Historic Firsts At Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Massimo Cigana (ITA) proudly claimed his fourth victory at Sunday’s Laguna Phuket Triathlon.

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Dispatch: Challenge Laguna Phuket Tri-Fest Press Conference

Local dignitaries and VIP athletes gathered for the event.

The week-long event includes this Sunday’s Laguna Phuket Triathlon (LPT) and next Sunday’s Challenge Laguna Phuket (CLP).

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Popular This Week: IMAZ, Coping With A Packed Pool & More

The five most popular articles from the week of Nov. 16.

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Triathlete Europe

A better brick session

Photo: Shutterstock

Triathlons are typically won on the run. Unfortunately, the typical triathlete jumps off the bike with their legs feeling like anvils. Most

Ways to squander your run training

Photo: Shutterstock

In the middle of a solid Autumn training block? The following attitudes and behaviours are some of the most common ways people fall short

Video: Top 10 training mistakes

Just riding all the time won’t help you to get quicker, make sure you break it down and go for some harder sessions on a turbo

Joe Friel

Midsole Cleats and Pedals

I’m occasionally asked if I still use midsole cleats when I ride instead of the traditional forefoot position. The answer is “yes.” I’ve been doing this since 2006 and it was the topic of one of my very first blogs back in 2007. Since then I’ve coached and spoken with...

The Efficiency Factor in Running

High performance runners are typically very efficient. One can observe this just by watching them run: there is no apparent wasted energy. They look very graceful. Their efficiency can actually be determined in a physiology lab by measuring how much oxygen they use to produce a given submaximal running speed....

Polarized Training Update

In December last year I posted here a review of some of the research about a way of training that scientists call “polarized.” That’s just a catchy way of saying do workouts with an intensity that is either high or low while avoiding moderate efforts. So train mostly at opposite...

Rest and Recovery

Almost four months. I believe that's the longest time I've ever gone without posting to my blog in more than six years. Several readers have emailed asking if everything is ok. I really appreciate their concern. Yes, everything is going well. I've just been unbelievably busy, especially with travel around...


A tie at Laguna Phuket

Italians Massimo Casadei and Alberto Casadei decided it was too darn hot to race to the finish and finished together as Laguna Phuket Triathlon dual winners; Parys Edwards won the women's title.

Random AG Glenn Cook

We bumped into Glenn Cook at an event with Hunter Kemper and Glenn was a super chatty Cathy. But it all changed when the spotlight of an interview was on him.

2015 Men Of Triathlon calendar

You have been waiting for it all year and you can now pre-order the 2015 Men Of Triathlon calendar, and best of all - you could actually be in it too.

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Rui Reis är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
för 16 timmar sedan
Patrik Agardh är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
Stefan Isak Isaksson visades
Stefan Isak Isaksson är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden

How to Train for a Marathon Without Sacrificing Swim and Bike Fitness

With three sports to account for, a triathlete's training regimen can get jam-packed.

But what happens if a triathlete wants to focus on one area of competition in the offseason? Do sacrifices need to be made?

If you're looking to improve your run time, training for a marathon is a viable option. But running a marathon without sacrificing swim and bike fitness takes planning.

More: How to Become a Faster Triathlete

Keep Goals in Focus

When creating your marathon training plan, it's important to write down your goals. Here are samples:

  • Set a new PR: If you're gunning for a PR, your training sessions will change significantly. Your main sessions will be runs, and swimming or cycling workouts may be either non-existent or optional.
  • Keep a three-hour ride in my marathon training: Similar to the previous goal, you're looking to fit a marathon into a multisport training plan without sacrificing your long rides. If performance is important in the long ride, it can be difficult to manage. As marathon training builds to a peak, high-intensity cycling sessions can suffer.
  • Stay healthy: Running poses high injury and illness risk. Be careful with the number of stressful workouts you do each week and pay close attention to overall training volume.
  • Run for fun: If you just want to successfully complete a marathon, it's easier to include swimming and cycling in your training plan.

More: 7 Tips to Stay Injury Free Through Race Day

Fortsättning här

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Anmälan till Danske Invest Triathlon Series öppen

Nu kan du anmäla dig till nästa sommars tävlingar. Gör det redan idag!

Uttagningen till AG-VM fortsätter

Sista datum för betalning av anmälningsavgiften har nu passerat för de som togs ut i ett första skede. Vi arbetar nu med att fördela platser till eventuella reserver och fylla upp klasser där det finns platser kvar.

Fina framgångar för svenskar på Ironman Florida

I helgen avgjordes Ironman Florida och tre svenskar slutade på topp tio. Camilla Lindholm knep en andraplats, David Näsvik kom på sjunde och Karl-Johan Danielsson på nionde plats.

Tävlingskalender 2015

2014 års säsong har just avslutats, men arbetet med att planera tävlingssäsongen 2015 är i full gång och flera arrangörer har redan öppnat sina anmälningar. Föreningar som ännu inte har gjort det uppmanas härmed att söka sanktion för sina tävlingar.

SM-arrangörer 2016 sökes

Förutom 2015 års kalender är det även dags för föreningar/arrangörer att fundera på 2016 års SM-tävlingar.

Stöd Kostfonden med julgåva

Letar du efter julklappar som gör nytta i världen? Vad sägs då om att stödja Kostfonden med en julgåva?

Inlägget Stöd Kostfonden med julgåva dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

”Mota höstdepp med extra D-vitamin”

Kan man bli piggare och förebygga depressioner med extra D-vitamin under vinterhalvåret? Mindre studier talar för att det kan hjälpa och många upplever stor skillnad: SVT Nyheter: Mota höstdepp med extra D-vitamin Överläkaren och forskaren Mats Humble rekommenderar i artikeln ett dagligen tillskott åt alla svenskar. Humbles förslag om 25 – 50 mikrogram dagligen motsvarar […]

Inlägget ”Mota höstdepp med extra D-vitamin” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Stora planer för Kostdoktorn

Nu har vi haft årets planeringsdagar för Kostdoktorn-företaget. Under torsdagen och fredagen denna vecka samlades tio medarbetare från Team Kostdoktorn i Karlstad för att lägga upp våra planer för 2015 och mer långsiktigt. Under de första planeringsdagarna för ett år sedan sågs ett mindre gäng och lade upp stora planer. Allt vi då hoppades på […]

Inlägget Stora planer för Kostdoktorn dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.


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Feel for the

Announcing Swim Smooth's New Partnership With The ITU

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / Camps:

Dubai Video Analysis Dec 2014
Full information here

Dubai/Richmond/Wimbledon Workshops
Full information here

Salisbury 1to1 Analysis
Full information here

Salisbury SS Squad
Full information here

Twickenham Video Analysis
Full information here

Lancaster SS Squad
Full information here

Lancaster UK, Video
Analysis Consultations

Full information here

Abingdon Clinic Jan 24th
Full information here

West Lothian
Video Analysis

Full information here

Prague Junior Swim Club
Full information here

Richmond SS Squad
Full information here and here

Acton Video Analysis
Full information here

Swim/Tri Camps Alicante
All year round
Full information: here

For more info on SS Certified Coaches see here
Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce that the ITU have selected Swim Smooth as their coaching provider for swimming.

Similar in nature to our partnership with British Triathlon, all ITU coaches will now be taught to use Swim Smooth's principles, coaching methods and coaching tools in their countries around the world. If you're planning on taking ITU qualifications then we hope you're as excited as we are about this new relationship!

The ITU is the Triathlon governing body for the Olympics and represents 119 nations around the world developing the sport at all levels from grass roots up to Olympic competitor.

Today in Bucharest we've just kicked off the first swim module for Level 1 Course where Swim Smooth's Adam Young is working with the first 20 coaches to sit the course. Many many more will follow:

We're very proud of this new relationship and are excited about our coaching being used ever more widely. We see it as part of our overall mission to raise the standards of swim coaching around the world - we hope you're on the team with us!

Swim Smooth!

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Frispråkig Iron Man-blogg!

Hjärtligt ihjälkomna skall ni våras! Ja, så sa Robert Gustavsson i Kuknästornet och så säger jag också.

Med en gnutta humor och väldigt mycket hårt slit tänkte jag som många andra försöka genomföra Iron Man i Kalmar (hemmaplan) nästa år. Min…


Upplagd av Mattias Nilsson den 25 Oktober 2014 klockan 1.08

Resor till Triathlontävlingar i världen


Någon som vet om företag som har arrangerar resor till Triathlon-tävlingar i världen?

Har letat lite men inte hittat något klockrent.

/Micke Ch

Upplagd av Micke Ch den 22 Oktober 2014 klockan 10.09

Snabb studentundersökning angående öronproppar


Jag heter Georg och är produktdesign-student vid Malmö högskola.

Jag gör en förstudie kring triatleter och möjligheterna att skapa en ny sorts öronpropp.

Skulle vara grymt om just du skulle kunna svara på…


Upplagd av Georg Åhrström den 22 September 2014 klockan 10.00


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