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Monday swim set: Short, sharp intervals

Photo: Shutterstock

Triathlete Europe contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty has a blog with more than 500 creative workouts used in her Masters swim

Zone3 announce grass roots initiatives for 2015

Zone3 have announced a number of nationwide initiatives for 2015 which will see the brand continuing their long standing support for grass

60 minute session: High-intensity trainer intervals

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). This week’s bike workout comes from


Jack Bobridge goes after the hour

Australian Jack Bobridge will attempt to go after the hour record in 2015 and explains in the embedded video what motivated him to go down that route.

Rideye Changes Lives with the 6th annual World Bicycle Relief Charity Challenge

Crash detection sensors. HD video. One month battery life. One touch operation. CNC machined. Fight back with Rideye. And change lives with World Bicycle Relief!

Emma vs. Gwen - so far it's a tie

Gwen Jorgensen won the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Series world title with runs that left rivals in the dust; recently retired Emma Snowsill's run performances compare well with the American.

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Tamara Monica Tania Branzanic är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
14 Dec
Nassar Abu-sitta är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
12 Dec
Tanja Velasco är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
10 Dec

Pilates for Runners

You may run with your legs, but your core plays a critical role getting you to the finish line.

Most runners understand the importance of a strong core, which improves your efficiency and helps you maintain proper form as you fatigue. And yet, many runners only work the surface core muscles, which can make it difficult to improve or open themselves up to injury.

Pilates-specific routines are designed to go beyond the surface muscles. And if done correctly, may give you the biggest bang for your buck.

It wasn't until post-surgery rehabilitation that professional marathoner Renee Metivier Baillie discovered the power of Pilates.

Metivier Baillie, an 11-time NCAA All-American and NCAA indoor 3,000-meter champion, had lofty goals for the next stage of her career. But she wasn't reaching them, due in large part to an ongoing Achilles injury that interrupted her training.

Frustrated, in 2011 she underwent surgery to repair the issue. During rehabilitation, Metivier Baillie discovered her weaknesses extended beyond her Achilles. The root of her problems came from the shift in her gait from the hips down, caused by the compensation during years of Achilles pain.

More: How Runners Can Prevent Achilles Tendon and Calf Injuries

Metivier Baillie thought had a strong core and was muscularly sound; she spent hours doing ancillary work. It wasn't until she began working with Pat Guyton for Pilates-specific exercises that she discovered hours of work wasn't doing the job of a targeted, abbreviated session.

"I always thought I had a strong core, but I noticed immediately that these [Pilates] exercises were much more challenging than normal core work," Metivier Baillie says. "I realized I had only been working the surface muscles, and I needed to get deeper."

Committed to her new Pilates routine, Metivier Baillie went on to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon in 2:27:17; her marathon debut ranks as fifth fastest for an American woman.

"My hips are stronger and more aligned when I'm running, which can make a big difference in the efficiency of your stride," Metivier Baillie says. "This was especially important as I transitioned from a 5,000-meter runner into a marathoner, and I believe this [Pilates] training was one of the reasons I handled the increased distance so well."

Pilates requires precision and control. Making each move count means fewer repetitions and more reward. Prior to adopting her Pilates routine, Metivier Baillie spent hours doing core work, assuming she had her bases covered. She was wrong.

Cutting down from hours of core exercises to just 10- to 15-minute sessions 2 to 3 times per week, Metivier Baillie is stronger and finally past her vicious cycle of injuries.

More: 7 Secrets to Prevent Running Injuries

"It takes more than strong legs and lungs to be a good runner," Metivier Baillie says. "Having a strong center is essential for balance, flexibility, breathing and endurance."

The key to Pilates work is to maintain full focus for those 15 minutes. Doing more sloppy repetitions will do more harm than good. You may leave a session feeling like you could have done more; hours later you'll feel the soreness in those deep core muscles.

Do the prescribed exercises to the best of your ability. If you're new to Pilates and have trouble keeping correct form, it's better to do only as many reps as you can do perfectly. Wait until you improve before finishing the entire set.

There are six interrelated tenets of Pilates: precision, control, centering, concentration, breathing and flow. Centering refers to the very core you are building up, concentration means staying both mentally and physically engaged for each repetition, breathing is important to keep steady throughout and flow refers to being fluid through each movement and exercise.

Both the exercises and tenets of Pilates translate to running. Like Pilates, running uses your body as an interconnected machine, with every muscle group working together. Injuries occur when a particular muscle group is weak or is not in sync with the others, causing the rest of the machine to make compensations elsewhere.

More: 3 Muscle Balance Tests to Do at Home

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Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Kallelse till STF:s årsmöte 2015

Svenska Triathlonförbundets årsmöte 2015 kommer att hållas lördag 21 mars i Göteborg.

Från oss alla till er alla...

...en riktigt varm och ljus julhelg.

Race report från Patrik Nilsson

I helgen kom Patrik Nilsson tvåa på IronMan Western Australia. Läs hans race report.

Inbjudan arrangörsmöte Linköping 17 januari

Vi får fler och fler arrangörer runtom i landet och vill även erbjuda befintliga arrangörer en möjlighet att fräscha upp sina kunskaper och att involvera fler personer i sin organisation i arrangemangets alla delar.

Patrik Nilsson tvåa på Ironman Western Australia

Andraplatsen på tävlingen som gick av stapeln i början av december var den andra topplaceringen på kort tid för Patrik som vann IM Malaysia. Åsa Lundström blev 7:a på samma tävling.

”Barnfetma är barnmisshandel”

Rekordbantaren Therese Olofsson har skrivit en kompromisslös krönika om barnfetma och fetmaoperationer: Nyheter24: LCHF-Gurun Therese Olofsson: ”Barnfetma är barnmisshandel” Det ligger mycket i krönikan. Själv skulle jag dock inte välja att lägga huvudansvaret så uttalat på föräldrarna. Visserligen är det föräldrarna som idag har den bästa chansen att hjälpa sina barn, men den världsomfattande epidemin […]

Inlägget ”Barnfetma är barnmisshandel” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Fjärde advent med Sten Sture Skaldeman

Idag är det fjärde advent. Vi på Kostdoktorn bjöd in fyra kända LCHF-profiler som bjuder på sina bästa lågkolhydratstips och recept varje söndag för att kunna njuta av god mat med extra gott samvete. Vår fjärde adventsvärd är den ojämförliga LCHF-pionjären och kokboksförfattaren Sten Sture Skaldeman – här med sina recept och tankar om maten på julbordet. Fjärde […]

Inlägget Fjärde advent med Sten Sture Skaldeman dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Kryssningsuppdatering: 340 anmälda!

Vårens stora LCHF-händelse blir dygnskryssningen till Åbo lördagen den 28 mars. Biljetterna släpptes för två veckor sedan och nu är det 340 bokade! Det ryms normalt 550 deltagare, så platserna försvinner snabbt. Nya föreläsare som tillkommit sedan biljettsläppet inkluderar Jonas ”LCHF och träning” Bergqvist, Mattias Ribbing (minnesmästare på LCHF), Gunilla Eldh (som skrivit ”hjärnkoll-böckerna” med professor […]

Inlägget Kryssningsuppdatering: 340 anmälda! dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.


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Joe Friel

Low-Intensity Training

I’ve previously described “polarized training” studies showing that doing workouts above the anaerobic threshold is more beneficial for performance when compared with a similar amount of time spent training between the aerobic (AeT) and anaerobic (AnT) thresholds. But what would happen to performance if the above-AnT time stayed the same...

Order of Triathlon Workouts

A triathlete asked me today what the best order of workouts is for swimming, biking and running if one does two or three in a day. Here's my answer... If all 3 workouts are of similar importance and must be done within a few hours then the order is probably...

Should You Lift Weights?

Well, it’s December and time for the annual debate about whether endurance athletes (especially runners and cyclists) should do strength training, usually referred to as “lifting weights.” I’ve already started receiving emails from athletes pointing out that other coaches are adamantly opposed to it. As you probably know if you’ve...

Midsole Cleats and Pedals

I’m occasionally asked if I still use midsole cleats when I ride instead of the traditional forefoot position. The answer is “yes.” I’ve been doing this since 2006 and it was the topic of one of my very first blogs back in 2007. Since then I’ve coached and spoken with...

The Efficiency Factor in Running

High performance runners are typically very efficient. One can observe this just by watching them run: there is no apparent wasted energy. They look very graceful. Their efficiency can actually be determined in a physiology lab by measuring how much oxygen they use to produce a given submaximal running speed....

Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

TriathlEats: Winter Turkey Burgers

Photo: Echard Wheeler

The outdoor grill might be retired for the season, but you can still get your home burger fix with this flavor-packed recipe.

The post TriathlEats: Winter Turkey Burgers appeared first on

Med Tent: How To Fix Sciatica


Treat and prevent this lower-back and leg pain.

The post Med Tent: How To Fix Sciatica appeared first on

First Wave: 12 Top Images From Our 2014 Issues

The “First Wave” pages of Triathlete magazine are reserved for the sport’s top photographs.

The post First Wave: 12 Top Images From Our 2014 Issues appeared first on


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Frispråkig Iron Man-blogg!

Hjärtligt ihjälkomna skall ni våras! Ja, så sa Robert Gustavsson i Kuknästornet och så säger jag också.

Med en gnutta humor och väldigt mycket hårt slit tänkte jag som många andra försöka genomföra Iron Man i Kalmar (hemmaplan) nästa år. Min…


Upplagd av Mattias Nilsson den 25 Oktober 2014 klockan 1.08

Resor till Triathlontävlingar i världen


Någon som vet om företag som har arrangerar resor till Triathlon-tävlingar i världen?

Har letat lite men inte hittat något klockrent.

/Micke Ch

Upplagd av Micke Ch den 22 Oktober 2014 klockan 10.09

Snabb studentundersökning angående öronproppar


Jag heter Georg och är produktdesign-student vid Malmö högskola.

Jag gör en förstudie kring triatleter och möjligheterna att skapa en ny sorts öronpropp.

Skulle vara grymt om just du skulle kunna svara på…


Upplagd av Georg Åhrström den 22 September 2014 klockan 10.00


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