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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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Dispatch: Richie Cunningham’s Ironman Boulder Course Tips

Photo: Kurt Hoy

Boulder resident Richie Cunningham shares his tips for each leg of the race; out-of-towners, take note!

The post Dispatch: Richie Cunningham’s Ironman Boulder Course Tips appeared first on

ITU Announces Nominees For Inaugural Hall Of Fame

Sydney hosted the first-ever triathlon Olympic competitions. Photo: Jero Honda/

The International Triathlon Union today announced the nominees for its first-ever ITU Hall of Fame.

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Triathlete Europe

Joe Friel

High-Intensity Interval Duration

I've finally got the manuscript written for the book on aging athletes I've mentioned here several times. The working title is "Fast After 50," and it will probably be ready by the end of the year - in both English and German. The weight of the world is off of...

Common But Confusing Training Terms

Recently reader Kevin Wellenius asked if I would define some sports science terms that pop up from time to time in books, magazines and on websites. I thought that was a great idea as I frequently am asked about each of the terms in his list below. It’ll make my...

Sleep and Recovery, Part 2

The following is a continuation of my last post on the same topic - sleep as the primary producer of recovery for athletes. Both are excerpts from a book I’m currently writing with the working title of Fast After 50. In the Part 1 post a reader caught a mistake...

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ProfilikonJohanna Österling Brunström och Johan Fredrik Lindblom gick med i Triathlon Sweden
Philip Hultgren uppdaterade sin profil
Philip Hultgren är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
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How to Become an Elite Triathlete

You've been racing in triathlons for quite a while now. In fact, your race times are impressive and maybe you're not even feeling challenged anymore. Perhaps you've wanted more of a push, but aren't sure what you need to do to take your competition to the next level.

If you've been thinking about becoming a professional triathlete, why not give it a try. If you have the ability, it's not difficult to go to the next level. You just need to get in the right mindset and be willing to do the hard work.

You already know the basics of how to train, transition and fuel. But there's more to it than that. Here are seven key elements that will help you become an elite triathlete.

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One of the big differences between elite triathletes and recreational triathletes is their recovery period. Recovery is one of the most important things you can do for your body. As a professional triathlete, you have more time to dedicate to recovery than a recreational athlete. You schedule it in your training. Recovery is a must.  

Maximize your recovery time by consuming proper post-workout fuel (seek out a nutritionist or coach for the right choices), take advantage of body massages, and make sure you get enough sleep.  

Sleep is crucial to your recovery time. Make sleep part of your training schedule. If you are used to going to bed at midnight, lay in bed around 11 p.m. Start going to sleep earlier so you can maximize your rest time. Turn off the television and relax.

More: 6 Core Components of Triathlon Training

Follow a Structured Plan

A structured training plan is important to step up your game. Athletes like to work really hard, and there's nothing wrong with that. But in your training plan, you need to write out when it's fine to work really hard and when it's necessary to rest. Without the proper rest, you can't work as hard as you need to.

Find a Coach

To stay on track, it's a good idea to find a coach. Working with a coach will help you visualize key objectives. A coach can help you determine your goals, critique your technique and push you to the next level. Your training sessions have purpose and a coach will make sure you stay on track.

Train With Purpose

Keep this in mind: your training may not be more rigorous, but it has to have more purpose. If your training session should be a hard hill climb, then you know you're working with hills. If you have an interval or speed session, you know you are working on your pace and how to pick up time. And every plan has a light day. So, if your workout is a recovery swim, that's what it should be—a nice and easy swim to recover your body from the hard workouts.

More: Peter Reid's Triathlon Training Tips

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Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Resterande AG platserna till VM i Motala 2015

Först får vi passa på att gratulera de som kvalade in direkt i samband med SM i Motala. Det är verkligen roligt att så många vill vara med i Team Sweden.

SM medeldistans – het tillställning i Jönköping

Sommarvärmen stekte både tävlande och åskådare vid SM medeldistans i Jönköping helgen som gick. För juniorer & seniorer innebar det varma vattnet simning utan våtdräkt i den annars så svala Munksjön.

Dags att anmäla sig till Malmö Triathlon

Malmö Triathlon arrangeras helgen 9-10 augusti och är den fjärde och sista deltävlingen i Danske Invest Triathlon Series 2014. Det är också SM och RM på sprintdistans, samt stafett-SM.

Succé och sportfest för slutsålda Gothenburg Triathlon

Det blev en fantastisk första tävling för Gothenburg Triathlon. Nervösa, rutinerade, nybörjare och motionärer fyllde snabbt Inseros för att deltaga i Gothenburg Triathlon.

Pre race information för SM Medeldistans i Jönköping

På grund av ett missförstånd kan vi tyvärr inte hålla något Pre race möte på webben inför SM i Jönköping. Pre Race mötet hålls på plats i Jönköping fredag 20.00

Feel for the

Yesterday's Commonwealth Games Stroke Styles

If you live in a Commonwealth country, we hope you watched the two Commonwealth Games Triathlon events yesterday. If not you missed out, both were thrilling races at the fantastic Strathclyde Country Park near Glasgow.

The swims in both the men's and women's races were hotly contested with the warm conditions making wetsuits illegal, giving a distinct advantage to many of the stronger swimmers in the field. The women's swim was particularly interesting because of the two very distinct swimming styles that were on display.

England's Lucy Hall led for much of the swim and her long smooth stroke style was immediately apparent:

Lucy races on the French Grand Prix circuit where she is known as "La Sirène" or "The Mermaid" - and it's easy to see why! Swimming at around 68 strokes per minute, we calculate that she would take around 18 strokes in a 25m pool or 38 in a 50m pool.

We're sure you'll agree Lucy has a very long and smooth stroke - nicely fitting the mould of the Smooth Swim Type. Notice how she likes to use her kick quite a bit, which is a trait of Smooths when racing hard. It helps push them through the very slight gap between strokes when swimming with such a long stroke style but raises their heart rate and energy consumption higher than you might expect given how relaxed they look in the water.

Many Smooths tend to seek out clear water and sit on the front of the field like this, they don't like being knocked by other swimmers or buffeted by disturbed water. If you are as strong a swimmer as Lucy this is an option for you but of course there's no drafting benefit to be had, which can allow you to swim with much faster swimmers or save up to 38% of your energy expenditure! 1

(By the way, you might have noticed Lucy enters thumb-first into the water, we don't recommend copying that as it is the leading cause of shoulder pain and injury in swimming, instead enter with the palm facing downwards, fingertips first.)

What was happening behind her? Well that was altogether more chaotic:

Here we have the likes of Gold and Bronze Medallists Jodie Stimpson and Vicky Holland swimming with a lot more punch and rhythm, drafting in Lucy's and other swimmer's wakes. These are the Swingers - their strokes are not as pretty as Lucy's but are none the less very effective in open water, all that punch and rhythm ideally suited to swimming in disturbed water beside and behind other swimmers.

These girls are swimming at around 85-95 strokes per minute, with a stroke length equivalent to around 23 or 50 in a 25m and 50m pool respectively. It just goes to show that there's more than one way to swim efficiently and effectively! In fact most top age group and elite triathletes swim this way (and elite open water swimmers too) - it is actually the Smooth style that is the rarity in open water swimming, not the other way around.

If you watched the mens race then you'll know this to be the case as there were no Smooths at all on display, the rapid turnover of Henri Schoeman and the Brownlee Brothers powering away at 95 SPM plus, splitting the field and creating a breakaway pack of around seven Swingers, which proved to be the decisive break of the race.

A few years ago we posted our classic blog Behind Every Smooth Is A Gaggle Of Bloodsucking Swingers and this is exactly what with saw with Lucy and the girls behind her. If you're a Smooth and you don't want to do all the work and drag everyone around the swim course it's worth taking a leaf out of the Swingers' book - put a little more rhythm into your stroke, regularly practise drafting in training and become comfortable sitting in the pack. You will swim the same speed but at a much lower effort, ready and fresh for the bike. Or in the case of a swimming event ready to unleash your devastating turn of speed over the last 200m to win the race!

Swim Smooth

[1] CHATARD, J.-C., and B. WILSON. Drafting Distance in Swimming. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 35, No. 7, pp. 1176–1181, 2003.

Popeye Breathing With Jenson Button

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / Camps:
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Video Analysis

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For more info on SS Certified Coaches see here
Newsflash: The Android version of the Mr Smooth / Miss Swinger App is now out - search for "Mr Smooth" in the play store or follow this link:

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon in Luton Hoo in the UK. If you won one of our competition places for the race it was fantastic to meet you and chat about your swimming at the event. Or if you came down for our special coached open water session on Friday night it was great working with you!

We’d not seen Jenson swim before but we had a sneaky little look at his stroke during the race from one of the support boats. As one of those annoyingly talented sports people you might be unsurprised to learn he’s a great swimmer with a really nice stroke!

One thing Jenson does really well which you should look to replicate in your own stroke is that he breathes out of the side of his mouth to allow him to keep his head low in the water whilst he breathes:

If you’ve got our DVD Boxset you’ll know we call this ‘Popeye Breathing’ as you shape your mouth to the side like Popeye chewing his spinach:

Try this the next time you swim. Keeping the head as low as possible as you breathe helps keep the front of your body lower in the water and brings your legs up higher, reducing your drag.

Swim Smooth!


The speedy Sebastian Kienle

70.3 World Champion Sebastian Kienle recently won the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt and now he is getting ready for the crazy season.

Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham

This past weekend the 2014 Outlaw Triathlon took place in Nottingham, UK and here is a nice selection of images from this full distance race.

Bek Keat's Trek Speed Concept

Rebekah Keat is on the Trek Factory Racing team and we got a hold of her Campagnolo equipped Trek Speed Concept race bike while she got ready for Roth.

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Challenge Roth 2014 - Roger Boströms race report

Ja så kom dagen jag sett fram emot i ett år - Challenge Roth.

Först lite kuriosa, Challenge Roth är en av de absolut populäraste triathlontävlingarna i världen, nr 2 vill jag påstå efter Ironman Hawaii. Det tar ca 10…


Upplagd av Triathlon Sweden den 27 Juli 2014 klockan 22.00

Här beskriver jag min väg till Ironman 2015 samt vad som händer i mitt liv.

Kolla in min blogg på:

/Micke Ch

Upplagd av Micke Ch den 13 April 2014 klockan 22.33


Borde det inte finnas utrymme för en till tävling på IMdistans i sverige 2014.

Upplagd av andreas den 1 Februari 2014 klockan 22.05

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