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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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Are You Tracking Qualitative Measurements?

Learn how tracking stressors and noting how you’re feeling on a daily basis can help place a greater emphasis on recovery.

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Try A Flexible Training Schedule

Get more out of your next run-focused block by following an adjustable training schedule.

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“The Best Is Yet To Come” For Gwen Jorgensen

Jorgensen on her way to the win in Hamburg. Photo: Paul Phillips/Competitive Image/@Compimagephoto

Jorgensen and her coach Jamie Turner chat ahead of Saturday’s Grand Final, where she is a heavy favorite to grab her first world title.

The post “The Best Is Yet To Come” For Gwen Jorgensen appeared first on

Triathlete Europe

World’s Best Age Groupers To Do Battle In Edmonton

Nearly 3,000 age group athletes from 73 countries have flocked to Edmonton to represent their country in the Sprint (750m swim, 20km bike,

Titles On The Line At ITU Grand Final

Photo: Janos M Schmidt / ITU Media

Elite racing returns to the City of Champions in Edmonton this weekend, and after seven races across five continents the champion will be

Eurobike Tech: BMC Concept Bike

Concept cars are common at auto tradeshows; manufacturers are always showing some futuristic model that will never see production. But those cars are more than just fun to look at — they often hold technologies that will make it into production models.

Photos: BMC Concept bikes are relatively rare in cycling. Bikes are modular and standardized. Components, in general, work with frames

Joe Friel

High-Intensity Interval Duration

I've finally got the manuscript written for the book on aging athletes I've mentioned here several times. The working title is "Fast After 50," and it will probably be ready by the end of the year - in both English and German. The weight of the world is off of...

Common But Confusing Training Terms

Recently reader Kevin Wellenius asked if I would define some sports science terms that pop up from time to time in books, magazines and on websites. I thought that was a great idea as I frequently am asked about each of the terms in his list below. It’ll make my...

Sleep and Recovery, Part 2

The following is a continuation of my last post on the same topic - sleep as the primary producer of recovery for athletes. Both are excerpts from a book I’m currently writing with the working title of Fast After 50. In the Part 1 post a reader caught a mistake...

Update on Prescription Sunglasses

I just got a new pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses from my sponsor, ADS Sports Eyewear in Richardson, Texas. I used to think that I only needed one pair of sunglasses and they would take care of all my needs. But then Michael at ADS convinced me last year to...


2014 Eurobike - day 2

More bikes, people and gadgets caught the eyes of our editor-in-chief on the second day of the 2014 Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Introducing the Parlee Altum R

While we perused the many halls of the 2014 Eurobike show we stumbled upon the very beautiful blue Parlee Altum R bike and decided to look closer.

The new Cervelo S5 is here

The Cervelo S5 is a popular and proven aero road bike, but it is not good to rest on laurels and thus the crew at Cervelo worked hard on this new design.

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ProfilikonAnders Wainikka och Ann-Christin Blückert gick med i Triathlon Sweden
för 1 timme sedan
Rodrigo José González Zenteno är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
Ulf Neüman uppdaterade sin profil
ProfilikonAnette Gunilla, Johan Petersson och Malin Persson gick med i Triathlon Sweden

Resultatlänk - Vattenfall Stockholm Triathlon, klicka här

4 Tips to Consider After Your First Triathlon

Congratulations. You've crossed the finish line on your first triathlon.

You might not realize it, but this is a critical period in your burgeoning endurance sports career. After your first race, you must be able to learn from your performance.

Follow this step-by-step system to analyze the key factors of your race and generate targeted goals based on those results.

Step 1: Find Your Results

Race results are typically posted within 48 hours of the event's completion. If you're serious about learning from your races, give yourself a reminder to check the race website, since you may not receive an e-mail notification.,, and are websites that allow you to search triathlon results for your times and splits, compare races, and find accurate data from previous years. also allows you to compare your times and examine head-to-head match-ups against participants you frequently compete against.

More: How to Find Valuable Lessons in Your First Race Results

Step 2: Examine Your Splits

In addition to reporting your overall time, many online race results now offer the following:

  • Swim time, pace per 100 meters or yards, overall place, and occasionally, division place and splits for multiple loop swims
  • First transition (T1) time
  • Bike time, pace per mile or km, pace at specific checkmarks (such as when you cross certain timing mats on a longer race course) and placing
  • Second transition (T2) time
  • Run time, pace per mile or km, checkmark pace, and placing

From such detailed results, you can glean important and helpful information. For example, ask yourself the following questions: How does my open water pace compare to my pool pace? How does my open water pace change in choppy water versus smooth swims? Does it appear that I need more practice swimming in groups or in open water?

Are my T1 times slow compared to others (especially in my division)? How did my bike speed compare to others in my division? In longer races, were my bike splits consistent between checkmarks, or did I slow as the race progressed?

Do I rank lower in T2 than in T1, and if so, should I practice bike dismounts or changing into my running shoes more quickly? How are my run splits between checkmarks--did I come out of T2 too fast? Did my fueling strategies on the bike affect my run pacing early in the run, or later?

More: 3 Steps to a Faster Bike Split

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Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Sandör, Carlsson & Vikner tävlar i Edmonton

Den 26 aug -1 sep avgörs World Triathlon Grand Final i Edmonton och tre svenskar på plats Joel Vikner, Marie Carlsson och Gabriel Sandör.

Ansök till Motala Rikstriathlongymnasium läsår 2014/2015

Välkommen att söka till Rikstriathlongymnasiet i Motala. I en stimulerande miljö ger vi dig de bästa förutsättningarna att lyckas kombinera dina studier med din idrott. Vi erbjuder fantastiska träningsmöjligheter och god gemenskap.

Tävlingsrapport Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm

I lördags gick VM-serien för tredje året och på startlinjen stod två svenskar, Åsa Annerstedt och Mikael Sahlberg.

Sahlberg & Annerstedt kör Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm

Det är dags för ett nytt minnesvärt triathlonrace i hjärtat av Stockholm! Världens bästa triathleter gör upp om pallplatserna och i år är det sprintdistansen som gäller. Vi ser två svenska på startlinjen Mikael Sahlberg & Åsa Annerstedt.

Gävle Triathlon

Hur varm kan Gavleån bli? 26 grader åtminstone, vilket fick många motionärer att fasa över våtdräktsförbudet. ”Men för mig är det här riktig triathlon”, säger segerherren Gunnar Söderström från Knivsta.

Feel for the

Un-Funk Your Swimming!

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / Camps:

Twickenham Video Analysis
Full information here

Lancaster SS Squad
Full information here

Lancaster UK, Video
Analysis Consultations

Full information here

Richmond/Wimbledon Workshops
Full information here

Prague Junior Swim Club
Full information here

West Lothian
Video Analysis

Full information here

Acton Video Analysis
Full information here

Richmond SS Squad
Full information here and here

Swim/Tri Camps Alicante
All year round
Full information: here

Salisbury 1to1 Analysis
Full information here

Salisbury SS Squad
Full information here

For more info on SS Certified Coaches see here
Here's a neat swim session to work on the rhythm of your stroke. It's a lot of fun to try, in fact many of the Swim Smooth squad in Perth said it was probably the best squad session they've ever swum - wow!

If you've had a bit of a lay-off from swimming or feel a bit stagnant in your training then this is the perfect session to kick-start things again.

Un-Funk Your Swimming

You will need a Finis Tempo Trainer Pro for this session and also know how to perform the Scull #1, Doggy Paddle and Javelin Drills.


Wear fins for the Javelin drill and take them off for the freestyle 100s:

100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing every 3 strokes
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing left every 4 strokes
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing every 6 strokes (right on way up the pool, left on way back down)
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing every 7 strokes
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing every 6 strokes (right on way up the pool, left on way back down)
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing right every 4 strokes
100m Javelin Drill
100m Freestyle breathing every 3 strokes
100m Javelin Drill

Then with Tempo Trainer Pro in Mode 3:
2x 50m at 55 SPM
2x 50m at 65 SPM
2x 50m at 75 SPM
2x 50m at 85 SPM
2x 50m at 75 SPM
2x 50m at 65 SPM
2x 50m at 55 SPM
Swim each 50m as:

12½m Scull #1
+ 12½m Doggy Paddle
+ 25m Freestyle to stroke rate

Take 5 seconds rest after every 50m.
The range 55 to 85 SPM will suit most swimmers but if you are an Overglider or Bambino with a low stroke rate, reduce all stroke rates by 10 SPM.


Pick what stroke rate felt 'optimal' from the previous set. This doesn't have to be exactly 55 or 65 etc - it could be 58 or 63 etc.

Now swim:

200m at this self-selected stroke rate
2 or 4x 50m at 2 SPM below
2 or 4x 50m at 2 SPM above

What do you notice? What feels good?

Remember when it comes to rhythm don't over-think it - FEEL IT!

Swim Smooth!

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Ironman 2016



Jag funderar på att vara med i Kalmar 2016. Har tidigare genomfört 2 IM (ca 15 år sedan).


Frågor om långsiktigt träningsupplägg: Ska jag bygga distans först och snabbhet sedan eller tvärt om?



Upplagd av Anders Hammarsten den 1 Augusti 2014 klockan 15.25 — 1 Inlägg

Challenge Roth 2014 - Roger Boströms race report


Distans: 3,8k sim, 180k cykel och 42k löpning

Sim: Simning i kanal, 22 grader

Cykel: 180 km, 1 000 höjdmeter

Löp: Platt och en stor del på hårt grusunderlag

Väder: 33 grader och…


Upplagd av Triathlon Sweden den 27 Juli 2014 klockan 22.00

Här beskriver jag min väg till Ironman 2015 samt vad som händer i mitt liv.

Kolla in min blogg på:

/Micke Ch

Upplagd av Micke Ch den 13 April 2014 klockan 22.33


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