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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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Video: Iron-Distance Swim Tips From Dylan McNeice

Defending Challenge Taiwan champ—and super swimmer—Dylan McNeice shares advice for tackling the first leg of a triathlon.

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Tips For Relieving Open-Water Swim Anxiety

Photo: John David Becker

The answer to conquering your fear lies in your pre-race training, mental preparation, and creating and utilizing a personal race strategy.

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Dispatch: Pre-Race At 2014 Challenge Taiwan

"Dispatch" columnist Holly Bennett shares images from her time in Taiwan ahead of Saturday's Challenge Taiwan triathlon.

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Joe Friel

Recovery for Runners

Some time ago a magazine asked me some questions about recovery for runners for a piece they were writing. Recently an athlete asked similar questions and got me to thinking about this topic once again. The topic is a critical one for runners due to their propensity for injury. But...

Personal Update

It’s been almost three months since I lasted posted anything here. That’s a record for me, and I’ve been pretty good over the years at leaving big, empty gaps from time to time. This gap has been mostly due to the usual excuse – work. I’m writing what will be...

Recovery and Intensity Factor

I received an interesting question from an athlete today. He asked... Question: "Is there research available on recovery time vs. Intensity Factor (IF)?" Explanation: "IF" is a TrainingPeaks and WKO+ term which refers to how hard a workout is relative to the athlete's Functional Threshold Power (bike) or Functional Threshold...

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Anders Martilius Wiklander närvarar på Triathlon Sweden\s evenemang

Halmstad Triathlon på Halmstad

28 Juni 2014 hela dagen
Anders Martilius Wiklander är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
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Micke Ch kommenterade Dan Rosshagen\s blogginlägg Träna på heltid

How to Maintain Your Speed Through the Run

It happens to a lot of triathletes: your race is going great, you're on track to hit your goal time, and then the run slows you down. What can you do to stay strong—and fast—throughout the entire race?

These six tips will help keep your race fast right up to the end.

Build Your Endurance

The most important fitness variable for every triathlon distance is endurance. You might have top-notch form, high-end speed and high-value equipment; but without the proper endurance foundation you can count on an overall slow (a pace well below your capability) race or one that bleeds speed right to the end.

Ask yourself this: "How much endurance do I need?"

The answer: Your longest workout time should be 50- to 100-percent of your predicted race time. The shorter the race the closer you will be to the 100-percent time in a single workout. For well-trained or experienced triathletes, the longest workout preceding a sprint-distance event will be more than 100-percent.

For beginner and intermediate triathletes, many racers can complete a sprint distance triathlon between 1:00 and 1:30. For those athletes the longest bike ride in the training schedule will be between 1:00 and 2:00, depending on the athlete and how many weeks of training precede the race.

As race distance gets longer, for racers doing Ironman-distance events, my rule of thumb number is spread over 1 to 3 days. For example in my popular 13 Weeks to a 13-Hour Ironman Plan, the biggest weekend combination adds up to 9.5 hours over two days. Assuming a 13-hour finish, the big endurance weekend is 73-percent of predicted race finish time.

Takeaway: Build overall race endurance.

Be Consistent

A big day, week or weekend of training is good for endurance, only if it's supported with consistent training beforehand. Race endurance is not built in a day or a weekend. You need to be consistent with your endurance training for some 8 to 16 weeks prior to race day to capitalize on your big training days or weekends. In other words, big days or combinations of days are not stand-alone events.

Takeaway: When it comes to being an endurance athlete, consistency trumps all.

More: How to Be Consistent With Your Training

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Feel for the

Our New iPad / iPhone App - Miss Swinger vs. Mr Smooth

Please click to download
** Please note, the Android version of this app is coming soon! **

You've been asking for it and here it is (at last)! Our extremely cool new iPhone and iPad animation app is now in the App Store:

Miss Swinger shows you the Swinger stroke style in detail:

Forward and rewind frame by frame using the jog wheel.

Using a straighter arm recovery and two beat kick, this is the style used by most elite triathletes and open water swimmers. Study Miss Swinger's brilliant catch and pull-through, and notice how she creates all that rhythm whilst still using the full range of her stroke.

And of course we also feature Mr Smooth, who you know and love. He shows you the classic long Smooth stroke style used by Olympic Champions such as Ian Thorpe and Rebecca Adlington. The animation has been extensively updated with much improved water effects and lane motion:

You can use the pop-up jog wheel to adjust the stroke rate from 10 strokes per minute (super-slow motion) up to a full-on race pace of 90 strokes per minute. When the animation is paused the jog wheel lets you move forwards and backwards frame by frame.

If the water's obscuring your view you can even remove the water from the shot too:

What's more, every view is synchronised so if you pause the animation you can move around the angles to get a full appreciation of any position in the stroke:

To complete this brilliant coaching tool we've included several articles in the app comparing the stroke techniques of both animations and how to use them to develop your own swimming:

It's a must have for your swimming - download today!

And yes we have an Android version in the pipeline too... :)

Swim Smooth!


Barry Roubaix Recap

We follow up on our intro to gravel racing with a short video, recap, and race report from the 2014 Barry Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race. We talk tires, gearing, and more.

State of Tri

A lot of those in our industry, manufacturers, retailers, RDs, have been asking me if the sport is flat, up or down. I began to gather stats on this last year, here's the fruit of my investigating.


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Triathlete Europe

Tri Bike Check: Cervelo P3 Dura-Ace

All triathlon bikes are not made equal. What’s more, price or technological advancements do not always mean you are getting the best

Triathlon Training: Go All In

Photo: Kurt Hoy

A few weeks ago I was invited to give a speech to a company on what it meant to be all in. The company itself was at an interesting point

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McMillian Running Calculator

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Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

EM-guld i åldersklassen H 70-74 ETU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon

Stort grattis till Åke Jonson (Heleneholms IF Tri Team) som i söndags tog hem ett EM-guld i ETU Powerman Long Distance duathlon. Tävlingen hölls i Horst och Åke vann sin åldersgrupp H 70-74. "Det kändes stort i söndags att få kliva fram och ta emot guldmedaljen inför en publik på ca 500 personer som applåderade! Det var extra kul att få besegra den regerande Age-group Europa-mästaren, skriver Åke"

Premiär för Tylösand Aquathlon den 25 juli

Tylösand Aquathlon & Swim är ett nytt arrangemang som vänder sig till nybörjare, motionär och elit.

Vätterntriathlon 2014 är ett öppet SM, för-VM och kval till VM 2015

Vätterntriathlon 2013 var ett mycket uppskattat event av både deltagare och åskådare. Anmälningssiffrorna har tickat på och redan i mars tog man ett stort kliv framåt när man passerade 300 anmälningar. I deltagarlistan ser vi namn såsom fjolårsvinnaren Rasmus Henning, svenska mästaren KJ Danielsson och svenska mästarinnan Emma Graaf; som alla kommer tillbaka för att försvara sina titlar.

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