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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!

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How to balance triathlon & family

Many triathletes with families spend a lot of their time trying to figure out how they are going to fit their workouts into their busy

Swim Q&A: Save your legs + Training for Ironman

Photo: Stefan Holm /

Got some questions about swimming? Our resident swim coach Sara McLarty answers questions about saving your legs for the swim, training for

Stress tested: Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 clincher wheelset

Photo: Brad Kaminski |

When our sister publication VeloNews tested the Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40 wheels last September, they didn’t do all that well. In fact,

60 minute session: Force & surge bike session

hoto: Rena Schild /

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 min (or less!). This week’s bike workout comes from

Shin splits: Prevention & treatment

Photo: Shutterstock

Shin splints are among the most frustrating injuries because they make a basic act—running—impossible. The term “shin splints”

Tweets från Lisa Norden


Degasperi, Riesler win Lanzarote

Alessandro Degasperi of Italy edged Christian Kramer of Germany by 2:41 and Diana Riesler of Germany beat Michi Herlbauer of Austria by 17:46 to win Ironman Lanzarote.

Soaring high with a broken wing

Brian August of Team Every Man Jack crashed hard during Ironman Texas and broke his elbow. He finished the bike and run, placed and will now go to Kona.

Stayin' Alive - Rural

Following up on our "Stayin' Alive - Urban," here's our guide to a cyclist's good behaviors that take into account a motorist's bad behaviors, increasing the likelihood of a safe return home.

Using, Caring for Your Wetsuit

Karen Sing's wetsuit tenure began at Quintana Roo in 1990, lasting into the 2000s, moving on to head wetsuit projects at Zoot and Profile Design. Great open-water swimmer. Expert on wetsuit use and care.

Matt Hanson's QR PR6

Enjoy this closer look at the Quintana Roo PRsix race bike of Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas champion Matt Hanson - the man with the golden ticket to Kona.



How to ride long

Fuel Up With Bacon to Power Through Your Long-Distance Training

Everything's better with bacon, right? So fuel up with it before your next long bike ride or run.

You're probably thinking, "Isn't bacon one of the worst foods?" While there are many reasons that you may feel cautious about this high-salt, high-saturated-fat food, bacon can actually help boost your long-distance endurance training.

Chemicals and Added Ingredients

There are chemicals and added ingredients used to cure the meat. These, and specifically nitrates, can be an issue as they have been correlated with increased cancer risk and hardening of the arteries. Fortunately, you can find bacon that has not been cured with nitrates, or with bacon that has nitrates found in vegetables such as celery.


Day to day, it's a good idea to keep your sodium intake to a moderately low level. When not accounting for training nutrition, or not prepping for a big workout or race within the next 24 hours, a sodium intake of just 1500 to 2500 milligrams per day is fine for an athlete. Your everyday nutrition should be founded on non-processed foods.

On the other hand, there is a time when extra sodium is required and imperative. That's right: immediately before, during and after training. And, bacon can become your tasty "salt pill" of choice.

MoreWhy Sodium-Potassium Balance Is Critical for Better Hydration

During activity, you sweat. Some athletes sweat more than others, but everyone sweats a significant amount enough to cool down, which affects the fluid and electrolyte balance in your plasma. In spring and summer conditions, many athletes lose an average of 0.5 to 1 liter of sweat per hour. Every liter of sweat contains about 800 to 1300 milligrams of sodium, or for ease in calculating, approximately 1000 milligrams per liter.

If you think you lose a full liter per hour, you likely then also lose 1000 milligrams of sodium per hour. Heavy sweaters and salty sweaters lose more (this is generally influenced by weight, heat, activity, genetics and possibly by everyday consumption of sodium). Although you may not be able to replenish all of your sodium losses, and you generally don't need to, you will help your body balance the sodium and fluid in your plasma, improve digestion during training, increase fluid absorption and boost glucose absorption.

Athletes do well with replenishing 400 to 700 milligrams of sodium per hour year-round, and 600 to 1000 milligrams of sodium during hot months. If you'd like to fine tune this number on an individual level, you can weigh yourself before and after training, subtract any fluid weight consumed during it, and calculate your fluid loss (all weight changes are likely fluid in this short of time).

MoreMeasuring Your Sweat Loss

To replenish sodium, you can use sports drinks, salt, supplements, engineered sports foods and whole foods—including bacon.

Here are three ways to add bacon to your next workout:

  1. Simply eat a slice of bacon every one to two hours. Each slice typically contains 170 to 200 milligrams of sodium. Along with fluid, carbohydrates and other sodium sources, bacon can serve as the sodium pill that helps you achieve hourly goal amounts.
  2. Try a sourdough, bacon and cheese sandwich on long rides. In addition to consuming 60 to 90 grams of carbohydrates, 4 to 18 ounces of fluids, and 400 to 700 milligrams of sodium per hour, it can really help to add real, solid foods every two to three hours of a five-plus hour workout or adventure. Try a small sandwich (about 1/4 the size of a normal, two-slice bread sandwich) with sourdough, soft cheese like creamed Swiss cheese and bacon.
  3. Boil potatoes and add a bit of mustard and bacon for long rides. The potatoes are a delicious and concentrated carbohydrate source. The vinegar in the mustard can keep cramps at bay, and the bacon provides sodium and flavor.

MoreWhat Does Your Sweat Taste Like?

How to Pick the Best Bacon

When it comes to bacon, you usually get what you pay for. To reduce any potentially harmful preservatives, nitrates and junk ingredients, choose organic, local or all-natural varieties. If you can, choose nitrate-free.

You've got to replenish your sodium from somewhere, so why not add good-quality bacon to your next long workout? You'll get 170 to 200 milligrams of sodium that will add flavor and crunch. Bacon will have you looking forward to more hours training.

Remember, if you're not partaking in long-distance training, keep your bacon intake to low to moderate.

MoreHealthy BBQ Bacon Beef Burger

Active logo Stay healthy with our nutrition guide.

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Vill du arbeta med ungdomsidrott?

Svensk Triathlon växer fort och STF söker nu ytterligare en idrottskonsulent.

RF lyfter triathlons framgångar

RF-sidan publicerade igår en fin artikel om triathlons framgångar bland barn och ungdomar.

Domarutbildning för alla arrangörer

Nu har du som arrangör chansen att gå en domarutbildning. Ta den! Den första är i Trelleborg den 30 maj.

Nytt tävlingsreglemente för säsongen 2015

Enligt beslut på förbundets årsmöte i mars har reglementet ändrats med avseende på när man får och inte får använda sig av våtdräkt.

My Big Fat Diet – med svensk text!

Dokumentären My Big Fat Diet har länge varit en av mina favoriter – och nu kan du för första gången se den med svensk text. Huvudpersonen, den kanadensiska läkaren Jay Wortman, lyckades bota sin egen typ 2-diabetes med mindre kolhydrater i kosten. Sen började han fundera på om han kunde hjälpa många fler. Bland Kanadas […]

Inlägget My Big Fat Diet – med svensk text! dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Råd om LCHF på 30 språk – nu inklusive serbiska!

Vill du ha råd om LCHF att skicka till någon som inte kan svenska så bra? Här finns nu kostråd om LCHF på 30 språk. Nytt idag: serbiska. Sprid gärna om du känner någon som är intresserad! Har du översatt till ytterligare något språk eller har du en rejäl förbättring av en tidigare översättning? Mejla mig.

Inlägget Råd om LCHF på 30 språk – nu inklusive serbiska! dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Fannys LCHF-frukost #3 – avokadoägg med baconsegel

Vad äter man till frukost på LCHF? Det är en av de vanligaste frågorna från nybörjare och även erfarna LCHF-are vill ha ny inspiration ibland (exempelvis inför helgen!). Här är det tredje frukostförslaget av många från Fanny Lindkvist, som har den populära bloggen och Instagramkontot LessCarbs, nu med över 12 000 följare. Avokadoägg med baconsegel Detta […]

Inlägget Fannys LCHF-frukost #3 – avokadoägg med baconsegel dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

“Bara träning räcker inte för att gå ner i vikt”

Fantastisk ny artikel in Washington Post av dr Aseem Malhotra: WP: Take off that Fitbit. Exercise alone won’t make you lose weight. Jag vet inte var dr Malhotra har tid, han verkar förändra världen varje dag. Förhoppningsvis kan vi hänga med! Tidigare: ”Vi måste sluta ljuga om att träning botar fetma”

Inlägget “Bara träning räcker inte för att gå ner i vikt” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

Degasperi, Riesler Victorious At Ironman Lanzarote

Italy's Alessandro Degasperi and Germany's Diana Riesler claimed the victories at one of the toughest long-course triathlons on the planet.

The post Degasperi, Riesler Victorious At Ironman Lanzarote appeared first on

Swim Healthy: Avoid These 4 Annoying Pool Issues


Chlorine kills a lot of bad stuff, but frequent swim training can still pose some pesky health concerns.

The post Swim Healthy: Avoid These 4 Annoying Pool Issues appeared first on

What’s In My Swim Bag? With Mirinda Carfrae

Three-time Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae (AUS) shares the tools she takes to every swim workout.

The post What’s In My Swim Bag? With Mirinda Carfrae appeared first on

Post-Workout Refueling: Now Or Later?


How disobeying a common rule of nutrient timing can help you reach your race weight.

The post Post-Workout Refueling: Now Or Later? appeared first on


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27 april – 3 maj: lite ändringar

Jag har dragit ner något på träningen, dels för att inte kräma ur mig själv så mycket att jag tappar lusten, dels för att jag faktiskt inte har ambitionen att vinna något utan att ha kul, slutligen så handlar det om att gå från 12 pass + core i…


Upplagd av Patric Broman den 9 Maj 2015 klockan 21.32

De osimmande svenskarna?

Som triathlonarrangör blir man snart medveten om att många svenskar anser att dom inte kan simma. När vi pratar triathlongrenar har dom ofta inga problem med cyklingen och löpningen, men ”Nej, simma det kan jag inte!” Inte ens kortaste sträckan…


Upplagd av HK Sport Events den 7 April 2015 klockan 10.00



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