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Video: Build bike endurance on limited time

Very few of us have the time to do 20 hour training weeks or to spend hours recovering. So, this video has a few tips that will help you to

Advice for surviving race week

Photo: Arnold Lim / ITU

There’s only a few days to go until your first race of the season and the finger you’re currently using to control your computer mouse

Brett Sutton: Using chopping boards as swim paddles

Nicola Spirig with her chopping board paddles, which outperform all rivals in trying to model the same position in the water. Photo:

The humble chopping board has long taken pride of place in the swim toolkit of many successful swimmers. They are used specifically in

Highlights: Brownlee & Jorgensen win ITU Auckland

The second round of the ITU World Triathlon Series saw Jonathan Brownlee and Gwen Jorgensen take the tape in two tight races on the streets

Fernandez & Poor win XTERRA Malta


Nicolas Fernandez and Brigitta Poor took home the elite titles at the inaugural XTERRA Malta off-road triathlon on Sunday. It’s the first

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The man who loves challenges

Jan Kriska is a North Carolina resident who has finished Norseman, ÖTILLÖ, Arrowhead 135, Mountain Masochist 50, Tor de Geants and many others, and we chatted with him.

SRAM and the American Psyche

A components company, like a poem, should not mean, but be. Nevertheless, here is not what SRAM is (that's later). Here is what SRAM means.

Van Lierde, Swallow rule IM SA

Frederik Van Lierde captured the 2015 Standard Bank Ironman African Championships title and Jodie Swallow grabbed a hard earned win in the women's race.

XTERRA weekend roundup

XTERRA off road triathlon was globally busy this weekend with three challenging and typically rugged international pro events in Malta, Costa Rica, and Saipan.

2015 California 70.3 triathlon

Jan Frodeno won his second straight pro men's crown and Heather Jackson won the battle of the Heathers at Ironman 70.3 California.. Photo Gallery by Timothy Carlson.

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25 Mar

4 Tips to Run Faster Off the Bike

Whatever distance you race, your day can get frustrating when you feel the fade coming on in the latter part of the race. Most triathletes are quite skilled at swimming, cycling and running. However, "running off the bike," as it is referred to in the sport of triathlon, differs from open running races in numerous ways. I raced my first IRONMAN race with over 20 open marathon races under my belt. I knew how to run a marathon fast.

Unfortunately, running off the bike is a completely different game, and it took several races to successfully run off the bike quickly. Here are a few key points from myself, and some top coaches, on running faster off the bike when racing.

1. Bike Pacing

Executing a well-paced bike split, especially in an IRONMAN race, takes patience. Jesse Kropelnicki, founder of QT2 systems analyzes his athletes' data meticulously to help train their sense of even pacing. Kropelnicki wants to see a bike split where there are not excessive spikes or drops in watts during the course of the race.

More: 7 Steps to Find Your Tri-Specific Bike

To analyze your own race, look at your average watts to make sure that a significant portion of your racing watts were not falling above or below your average watts. In other words, spikes in power can kill fast run splits.

Kropelnicki analyzes cadence in a similar format, seeking to help athletes avoid spikes or drops in the average cadence over the course of the race. He also looks for an even split race, where the first half of the bike is evenly paced to match the second half.

2. Nutrition

It's no surprise that lack of calories on the bike can lead to sub-par run performances. An area that many athletes fail to recognize is how much dehydration can affect the run. To put it bluntly, Kropelnicki advises peeing on the bike at least once in an IRONMAN 70.3 and twice in a full IRONMAN.

Staying on top of calories and spacing them out evenly (i.e.: don't go a long time between calorie intake—every 20 minutes is a good rule of thumb) is another important piece of running well off the bike. Additionally, ensuring that the calories you consume digest well while racing hard can make the difference between a great run split and a run that turns into the dreaded "IRONMAN shuffle."

How to Maximize a Flat Bike Course

3. Brick Workouts

Teresa Nelson, Founder of TN Multisport says that both practice and patience are keys to running well off the bike: "Practice in training, even if running just one mile off the bike, will help. Patience in racing—in particular pacing the run to maintain or build speed through the race—will land you your fastest run split."

Kropelnicki's top athletes do the majority of their training runs directly off the bike. His pro athletes, who include Linsey Corbin, Caitlin Snow and Pedro Gomez, typically run off the bike six days a week. Amateur athletes may only run off the bike four days a week, still a significant amount compared to most training plans. At its simplest, brick workouts are about practicing in training what will take place in racing, which helps get the body prepared for race day.

Should You Race With Power?

4. Run Pacing

Whether you are training for your best IRONMAN 70.3 or a personal best in an IRONMAN race, pacing the run is key. Going out of transition too hard will result in a slower run over the second half. This often has a domino effect, as it can be discouraging rather than staying strong and being motivated by passing other athletes late in the race.

Kropelnicki aims to have his athletes run the IRONMAN marathon at a specific heart rate determined in training. He then wants the athlete to hold this heart rate for each mile, or raise it. The goal is to never let the heart rate drop during the course of the run. For athletes who don't race with heart rate, using a GPS watch for pacing can help ensure that a blisteringly unsustainable pace is not set too early on in the race.

More: 7 Tri Bikes on a Budget

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Anmälan till tri4fun-läger 1-3 maj

Nu är anmälan öppen och det finns totalt 70 platser. Lägret riktar sig till dig som är mellan 7 och 16.

Inbjudan till tri4fun-läger i Väsby 1-3 maj

Äntligen dags att åka på läger. Den 1-3 maj har du som är mellan 7 och 16 år chans att träffa triathlonkompisar från hela landet. En hel helg fylld av triathlon och en massa kul. Vill du köra all in så startar du helgen med Väsby Duathlon på fredag.

Snabba videohöjdpunkter från helgens LCHF-kryssning

Här är ett några minuter långt videoreportage från helgens LCHF-kryssning, med kommentarer från deltagare om vad de gillade bäst. Vad tror du det var? Flera uppskattade Bitten Jonsson som föreläsare. Henne gjorde vi ett par längre videointervjuer med om sockerberoende. De kommer framöver här på bloggen, liksom föreläsningen med Jonas Bergqvist och Mattias Ribbing. Du […]

Inlägget Snabba videohöjdpunkter från helgens LCHF-kryssning dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Hur går man ner halva sin vikt?

Här är en bild från min intervju i helgen med Linda Vikström, om hennes fantastiska viktresa på LCHF. Hon har halverat sin vikt och har sedan till synes enkelt hållt den nya lägre vikten i över ett år nu. Vi pratade om hennes resa och hennes bästa tips för den som vill följa i hennes fotspår. Intervjun […]

Inlägget Hur går man ner halva sin vikt? dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

ADS Prescription Sports Sunglasses

I’m quite picky when it comes to working closely with companies in the sports industry. I learned to be that way several years ago when a business I supported performed so poorly that it reflected back on me. That’s the reason you see only three sponsors on my blog’s home...

Train for Duration or Distance?

I received a question from a coach this week which is common. The coach's athlete did a half-Ironman triathlon on a windy day and wasn't able to maintain his planned power and so slowed down a lot in the last several kilometers. Yet he was well-trained. What went wrong? This...

What It Takes to be Fast After 50

By now you may be aware of my latest book—Fast After 50—being in print. In February it will also be ready to go as an ebook. This project started out as a birthday present to myself. I was approaching my 70th birthday and that number was scary for some reason....


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How To Pace Your Race

Photo: John David Becker

It’s all about pacing. If you pace the swim and bike right, you’ll set yourself up for a better run and a stronger finish.

The post How To Pace Your Race appeared first on

Photos: 2015 Lavaman Triathlon

Ben Williams and Bree Wee earned the victories at the iconic Lavaman Triathlon on the Big Island of Hawaii Sunday.

The post Photos: 2015 Lavaman Triathlon appeared first on

One-Hour Workout: Steady State Trainer Session #2


Coach Andrew Shanks uses this indoor bike session as part of a steady-state training buildup.

The post One-Hour Workout: Steady State Trainer Session #2 appeared first on

XTERRA Weekend Wrap-Up: Saipan, Costa Rica & Malta

Lesley Paterson won the women's race in Costa Rica.

A run-down of the weekend in off-road triathlon, following races in Saipan, Costa Rica and Malta.

The post XTERRA Weekend Wrap-Up: Saipan, Costa Rica & Malta appeared first on


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Jeg har satt sammen en utstyrspakke til triathlon. Norske triatleter har hjulpet med å velge ut utstyret i pakken. Flere hundre Nordmenn har svart på undersøkelser.…


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Frispråkig Iron Man-blogg!

Hjärtligt ihjälkomna skall ni våras! Ja, så sa Robert Gustavsson i Kuknästornet och så säger jag också.

Med en gnutta humor och väldigt mycket hårt slit tänkte jag som många andra försöka genomföra Iron Man i Kalmar (hemmaplan) nästa år. Min…


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