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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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Avoid Late-Season Burnout


Stay on track for your peak race of the year.

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Quick Set Friday: Race 75s


A new swim workout from Triathlete contributor and superstar swimmer Sara McLarty.

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An Off-Season Cleanse For Triathletes

A centuries-old nutrition tradition could help you come out of the off-season on a stronger note.

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Kona gallery: the age group race

Photos: Paul Phillips/Competitive Image

More than 2,000 age groupers took on a grueling day at the 2014 Ironman World Championship presented by GoPro. See images of the day from

Kona 2014: Explaining the pro races that didn’t go to plan

Frederik Van Lierde couldn't replicate his 2013 performance. Photo: John David Becker

Every year, the Kona course offers varying degrees of choppy waters, blistering heat, heavy humidity and intense winds that cause even the

60 Minute Session: Hotel bike session

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). This week’s bike workout comes from

Joe Friel

High-Intensity Interval Duration

I've finally got the manuscript written for the book on aging athletes I've mentioned here several times. The working title is "Fast After 50," and it will probably be ready by the end of the year - in both English and German. The weight of the world is off of...

Common But Confusing Training Terms

Recently reader Kevin Wellenius asked if I would define some sports science terms that pop up from time to time in books, magazines and on websites. I thought that was a great idea as I frequently am asked about each of the terms in his list below. It’ll make my...

Sleep and Recovery, Part 2

The following is a continuation of my last post on the same topic - sleep as the primary producer of recovery for athletes. Both are excerpts from a book I’m currently writing with the working title of Fast After 50. In the Part 1 post a reader caught a mistake...

Update on Prescription Sunglasses

I just got a new pair of Oakley prescription sunglasses from my sponsor, ADS Sports Eyewear in Richardson, Texas. I used to think that I only needed one pair of sunglasses and they would take care of all my needs. But then Michael at ADS convinced me last year to...


Timothy O'Donnell's custom Trek

The Captain America themed Trek Speed Concept of Timothy O'Donnell is an attention getter and we looked closer at this Campy equipped custom bike.

Rinny reflects on 3rd Kona win

With her win at the Ironman World Championship, Mirinda Carfrae now has three Kona titles, the course and run records, and the record for the biggest deficit overcome in the sport's biggest race.

Frodeno looks forward to a rematch with Kienle in Kona

Jan Frodeno had a very good first full year of long course triathlon - 3rd at IM Frankfurt, 2nd at IM 70.3 Worlds and 3rd at Kona. Lessons learned make him dangerous for 2015.

Senaste aktivitet

ProfilikonFredrik Svanberg, Anna N. Kazakova och Conny Wolf gick med i Triathlon Sweden
12 Okt
Micke Smedjegården kanske närvarar på Christian Kirchberger\s evenemang

Vätter Challenge Triathlon SM medeldistans 2015 på Jönköpings City

24 Juli 2015 till 25 Juli 2015
11 Okt
Micke Smedjegården närvarar på Triathlon Sweden\s evenemang

Vättern Triathlon på Motala

27 Juni 2015 hela dagen
11 Okt
Micke Smedjegården uppdaterade sin profil
11 Okt

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Tre svenskar på EM i medeldistans i helgen

I helgen avgörs EM i medeldistans på Mallorca och Sverige representeras av Eva Nyström, George Bjälkemo och Stephan Andersson.

FAQ om AG-VM 2015

STF:s uttagningskommitté har under de senaste dygnen mottagit ett antal frågor kring age group och VM i Motala 2015, vilket vi ser som ett positivt tecken inför vårt internationella mästerskap.

Falu SS Triathlon - ett gott exempel

Falu SS Triathlon som är en del av Falu Simsällskap låter sina aktiva utvecklas genom gemensamma klubbträningar där utbildade och erfarna tränare ger den hjälp som behövs.

Åsa Lundström på 17:e plats i Ironman

Årets Ironman World Championship avgjordes i helgen och svenskan Åsa Lundström slutade på en fin 17:e plats.

Åsa Lundström redo för Hawaii

I helgen kämpar Åsa Lundström mot världens bästa långdistansare i klassiska Ironman på Hawaii. Hon är den enda svenska triathlet som har kvalat in till proffsklassen.

Vem tjänar på att äta LCHF?

Vill du lära dig mer om lågkolhydratkost från en av världens största experter? Läkaren Eric C. Westman har antagligen mer erfarenhet av att behandla patienter med råd om LCHF än någon annan nu verksam läkare. Han har också forskat på ämnet och är nu president för det amerikanska förbundet för läkare som specialiserar sig på […]

Inlägget Vem tjänar på att äta LCHF? dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

”Det är sockret som skadar barnen”

Ann Fernholm har varit aktiv i sockerdebatten de senaste veckorna. Här är en bra debattartikel på SVT Opinion: ”Det är sockret som skadar barnen” Tidigare SVT Debatt om socker nu på nätet Livsmedelsföretagen får effektivt svar på tal Livsmedelsindustrin: Ät vårt socker, lita på oss! Så skadas barn av för mycket socker

Inlägget ”Det är sockret som skadar barnen” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Halva sanningen om varför vi blir feta

Är det helt enkelt ”skitmat” som gör oss feta? Och vad är i så fall ”skitmat”? Träningsbloggaren Jacob Gudiols nya bok försöker reda ut det på 275 sidor plus en rejäl referenslista. Den senare får laddas ner online, för att boken ska hålla sig någorlunda tunn. Boken innehåller många värdefulla insikter för den som kan ta […]

Inlägget Halva sanningen om varför vi blir feta dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.


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Feel for the

Struggling To Improve Your Rotation? Try Using A Tech Toc Like This Instead

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / Camps:

Acton Video Analysis
Full information here

Richmond SS Squad
Full information here and here

Swim/Tri Camps Alicante
All year round
Full information: here

Salisbury 1to1 Analysis
Full information here

Salisbury SS Squad
Full information here

Twickenham Video Analysis
Full information here

Lancaster SS Squad
Full information here

Lancaster UK, Video
Analysis Consultations

Full information here

Abingdon Clinic Nov 15th
Full information here

Richmond/Wimbledon Workshops
Full information here

West Lothian
Video Analysis

Full information here

Prague Junior Swim Club
Full information here

For more info on SS Certified Coaches see here
The Finis Tech Toc is a neat swimming gadget to give you feedback on the amount of rotation in your stroke along the long axis of your spine. We use them extensively in our video analysis and stroke correction sessions in Perth with swimmers who are too flat in the water when they swim:

(You can purchase one from our Swim Shop here:

If you know you have insufficient rotation in your stroke or struggle to recover your arms over the surface of the water (like Cyndy below) then a Tech Toc could be the perfect gadget to improve the efficiency of your swimming.

Insufficient rotation in your stroke causes your arms to swim
around the side low to the surface, sometimes catching the water.

A Different Place To Wear A Tech Toc

The Tech Toc is a tube with a large metal ball bearing in it which is normally worn around your lower back. With good rotation (around 45-60 degrees on every stroke, see here) the ball bearing will roll from one end of the tube to the other giving a loud 'toc' sound which you can hear and also feel as you swim:

You should hear the 'toc' on every single stroke - if not you know you're not rotating enough on that stroke. It could be you rotate well to one side but not the other and you'll instantly get that feedback as you swim. You should also find your rotation is naturally much better when you go to breathe.

But here's a different way to use it, rather than wearing the Tech Toc around your waist, try sitting it much higher up around your chest with it sitting between your shoulder blades:

It can be slightly uncomfortable wearing it that high but it gives you a much greater sense of your shoulder and upper thoracic rotation as you swim.

Many Arnie Swim Types and some Swingers who are flat in the water finally get to grips with the idea of rotating in the stroke using a Tech Toc in this way, allowing them to feel more more relaxed and efficient - give it a go yourself!


If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and over-rotate when you swim, you can also make good use of the feedback from a Tech Toc. Try and deliberately reduce your rotation until the Tech Toc stops tocking - quite likely this will be less rotation than you think!

If you normally over-rotate you should feel much more stable and rhythmical in the water once you have corrected this area of your stroke. You might have read in old swimming books about rotating to 90 degrees (completely on your side) on every stroke. Ignore that advice, it will be a disaster for your swimming!

Also be aware that you should hold your head still as you swim, only your body should roll. More on that here.

Swim Smooth!

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Snabb studentundersökning angående öronproppar


Jag heter Georg och är produktdesign-student vid Malmö högskola.

Jag gör en förstudie kring triatleter och möjligheterna att skapa en ny sorts öronpropp.

Skulle vara grymt om just du skulle kunna svara på…


Upplagd av Georg Åhrström den 22 September 2014 klockan 10.00

Ironman 2016



Jag funderar på att vara med i Kalmar 2016. Har tidigare genomfört 2 IM (ca 15 år sedan).


Frågor om långsiktigt träningsupplägg: Ska jag bygga distans först och snabbhet sedan eller tvärt om?



Upplagd av Anders Hammarsten den 1 Augusti 2014 klockan 15.25 — 1 Inlägg

Challenge Roth 2014 - Roger Boströms race report


Distans: 3,8k sim, 180k cykel och 42k löpning

Sim: Simning i kanal, 22 grader

Cykel: 180 km, 1 000 höjdmeter

Löp: Platt och en stor del på hårt grusunderlag

Väder: 33 grader och…


Upplagd av Triathlon Sweden den 27 Juli 2014 klockan 22.00


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