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Gallery: Giro d’Italia time trial tech

Hydration meets aero. Photo: Caley Fretz |

Every now and again we like to take a sideways glance into other sports. On the back of the recent Giro d’Italia time trial we

The 17th hour: Life at the back of the pack

During 2014 Ironman Arizona, Larissa Lewis knew her odds of finishing before the 17-hour cutoff were slim. Still, she made her way down the

60 minute session: Backward hill repeats

Photo: Shutterstock

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). This week’s run workout comes from

Tri’d & tested: Orca Predator Wetsuit

The most striking feature of the new Predator is the wafer thin 0.88mm thick neoprene around the shoulders and arms. Even before putting

Challenge Regensburg to open for entries

On 1 June 2015 the official start of registration for CHALLENGEREGENSBURG 2016 will kick-off. The interest towards the long-distance event

Tweets från Lisa Norden


A chat with Mark Bowstead

Mark Bowstead has a first pack swim, is often the fastest cyclist, and has won a few half Ironman events. Now this young Kiwi pursues a commensurate run.

We Noticed: Catalyst, Shimano...

This week we noticed the Arsenal wheel system from Catalyst, special edition Shimano road shoes, fast and wide S-Works Turbo tires, a magic eraser and much more.

Diamondback Serios

Canyon is the consumer-direct brand taking Europe by storm. Is Diamondback trying to do the same in the U.S.? Here is its tri bike, ridden by Team Wattie Ink, Rachel McBride and others.

The passionate Kirk Noyes

Kirk Noyes is heavily involved with his family, the Texas triathlon scene and various other hobbies and interests when he is not on the road traveling for his job.

QR's PRsix for 2015

What if, instead of cramming every possible feature into a bike, somebody built one that was easy to adjust, easy to travel with, and was light, and was fast?



How to ride long

Fartlek Workouts to Elevate Your Fitness

With longer days, distance runners are resetting their goals and ramping up their training accordingly. Most runners begin their training with a base phase and move into more intense training later as races approach.

One of the most effective (and enjoyable) ways to elevate fitness from this base phase all the way forward to goal races is with the help of fartlek workouts. A Swedish term for speed play, the fartlek is a surge or pick-up within your runs (i.e. changing gears). Fartleks are simple and can be executed virtually anywhere, anytime, at every phase of your training.

More: Interval Training Tips for Runners

Introductory Base Phase Fartlek

Introducing fartlek work is as easy as tossing in some subtle gear changes during the course of one or two weekly runs. If you have never done any formal fartlek work, here are a few ideas to help you pick up the pace on your next run.

During your longest run of the week, toss in a one-minute surge every six or seven minutes throughout. This surge is not terribly hard: only 15-20 seconds per mile faster than your normal long run pace. At the end of the one-minute surge, return to your normal, relaxed rhythm.

If you have a hard time returning to your normal rhythm, you are running the surges too quickly, and you should back off on the next surge. This type of work has the added benefit of teaching you how to change gears, as well as deal with bad patches during races.

Then there's the "take turn" fartlek. Select a run each week when you are running with friends or training partners. Over the final four to six miles of the run, take turns leading a surge without telling your training partners how long (or fast) the surge will be.

Workout Tip: Set limits on how short the pick-up may be (perhaps 30 seconds) and a cap on how long (three minutes recommended).


After the requisite six to 14 weeks of standard base building, runners begin to look toward the competitive season, and with that comes a change in the type of fartlek work needed. Fartlek sessions should become more overtly strength-based and more designed around current fitness and future goals. Here are a couple of standards.


Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Starka insatser av Gabriel Sandör och Axel Ek

Gabriel Sandör kom 2:a och Axel Ek visade stor utveckling på Junior Europacupen i Wien idag. Grattis till fina prestationer!

Uttagning till EM i Genève

Svenska Triathlonförbundets ambition är att vi ska vara representerade vid EM i Genève. Hur uttagningen sker anges nedan.

Anmäl ett lag till stafett-SM i Uppsala

Söndag den 14 juni körs SM i triathlonstafett i samband med Sprint-SM i Uppsala. Anmäl ditt lag idag! Ett lag kan bestå av deltagare från samtliga åldersklasser (ungdom, junior, senior, master).

Vill du arbeta med ungdomsidrott?

Svensk Triathlon växer fort och STF söker nu ytterligare en idrottskonsulent.

Lågkolhydratkryssningen i Karibien!

Den här veckan är vi på årets lågkolhydratkryssning i Karibien. Årets mest spektakulära resa, utan tvekan! Som vi tidigare berättat är hela 11 personer från Kostdoktorn-företaget med på plats. Vårt mål är att filma intervjuer och föreläsningar, samt att utbyta idéer med våra amerikanska vänner. Dessutom pratar vi med personer vi kan samarbeta med framöver, […]

Inlägget Lågkolhydratkryssningen i Karibien! dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Tävling – bli medlem nummer 10 000!

Vi närmar oss en rejäl milstolpe. För att fira har vi ordnat vår största pristävling hittills. För elva månader lanserade vi vårt medlemskap, med nytt exklusivt material – utöver allt som är gratis som tidigare. Medlemskapet är gratis att testa en månad och kostar sen 79 kronor per månad. Vissa menade genast att det skulle […]

Inlägget Tävling – bli medlem nummer 10 000! dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

”Hälsa är den verkliga rikedomen”

Hur kan vi förbättra hälsan för miljarder människor? Vilka problem står i vägen? Här är en utmärkt ny fem minuter lång presentation av den brittiske hjärtläkaren Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Som vanligt en modig man som inte är rädd för att säga obehagliga sanningar.

Inlägget ”Hälsa är den verkliga rikedomen” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Parmalindade laxspett

Anne Aobadia bjuder på ett LCHF-recept till festbuffén ur det nya, andra numret av tidningen Matkärlek. Kolhydratinnehåll? 0 gram. Parmalindade laxspett Less is more! Lax, färsk basilika och parmaskinka. Det behövs inte mer för att fixa smakrika spett till buffébordet. Ingredienser, 8 spett Finhackad färsk basilika 600 g laxfilé i portionsbitar, frysta 1 krm svartpeppar 4 skivor […]

Inlägget Parmalindade laxspett dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

Question on Heart Rate

For some unknown reason I’ve recently received the same basic question three times in emails this week. The question has to do with using a heart rate monitor to gauge intensity. The email senders don’t understand why it is becoming harder to get heart rates higher. I’m afraid we’ve come...

The CTL Ramp Rate

This piece also appeared last week in the TrainingPeaks newsletter. But since not everyone sees that I’m posting it again here. ---------------------------------------- If you use the Performance Management Chart (PMC) on, the mobile app, or WKO you are probably familiar with Chronic Training Load (CTL). It’s a rolling, daily...

High-Fat Diet Questions

Today I received an email from a rower who had read my book, Fast After 50. In it I comment on the high-fat diet as one alternative to eating for high performance. I also mentioned it in this week's blog on How to Recover (Follow Up). The reader had a...

How To Recover (Follow-Up)

I originally posted on this topic back in 2010 (here). But I’ve seen a need to revise it given some of the questions I’ve gotten from athletes who eat a high-fat diet. Along the course of revising those portions I saw the need to revise a few other things so...


I read a tweet a few days ago from @BenDrury1 that read: Wouldn’t it be great if we changed the terminology of ‘Recovery Strategies’ to ‘Adaptation Strategies’. Goal is to improve not maintain. He’s right. Recovery days just don’t seem important enough to do them. Knowing instead that a recovery...

Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

4 Tools For An Athlete-Friendly Office Space

Don’t let your 9-to-5 job undo this morning’s 7-miler.

The post 4 Tools For An Athlete-Friendly Office Space appeared first on

7 Nutritious Spring Fruits and Veggies


Spring-season fruits and veggies are at their peak and therefore contain the highest nutritional value.

The post 7 Nutritious Spring Fruits and Veggies appeared first on

Six Strategies For Safe Summer Running

Keep your cool and beat the heat this summer with these suggestions.

The post Six Strategies For Safe Summer Running appeared first on

Quick Set Friday: Dive-In Speedwork


Every Friday we feature a swim workout from Triathlete contributor and swimming all-star Sara McLarty. Try one this weekend!

The post Quick Set Friday: Dive-In Speedwork appeared first on


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27 april – 3 maj: lite ändringar

Jag har dragit ner något på träningen, dels för att inte kräma ur mig själv så mycket att jag tappar lusten, dels för att jag faktiskt inte har ambitionen att vinna något utan att ha kul, slutligen så handlar det om att gå från 12 pass + core i…


Upplagd av Patric Broman den 9 Maj 2015 klockan 21.32

De osimmande svenskarna?

Som triathlonarrangör blir man snart medveten om att många svenskar anser att dom inte kan simma. När vi pratar triathlongrenar har dom ofta inga problem med cyklingen och löpningen, men ”Nej, simma det kan jag inte!” Inte ens kortaste sträckan…


Upplagd av HK Sport Events den 7 April 2015 klockan 10.00



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