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Jan Frodeno To Race Challenge Roth

Frodeno is the defending Ironman world champion. Photo: John David Becker

2008 Olympic gold medalist and 2015 70.3 and Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno will compete in this year’s running of Challenge Roth,

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2016 Winter Triathlon World Championships Set For Saturday


The top winter triathletes from all over the world will join together in Zeltweg, Austria this weekend for the 2016 ITU Winter Triathlon

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Tweets från Lisa Norden

Joe Friel

How Should I Train? It Depends...

I often get emails from athletes asking me how they should train as if there is a single answer that fits everyone. There’s only one answer I can give that fits everyone: It depends. It depends on all of the athlete’s unique variables such as sport experience, age, limiters, body...

Periodization of Intensity

There was a time when athletes believed that in the Base period one should only do long, slow distance. And in the Build period we were to primarily do high-intensity interval training. Those who believe this are now in the minority, I suspect. That’s only my opinion since there’s no...

Managing Training Using TSB

I’ve posted a few times here on how you can use the Performance Management Chart to manage your training with topics on CTL (“fitness”), ATL (“fatigue”), and TSB (“form”). If you are unfamiliar with these three TrainingPeaks terms you can find brief definitions here. A topic I’ve never written about...

Aerobic Capacity Intervals Year Round?

I received a question today regarding what appears to be a contradiction in some of my books--the Training Bibles and Fast After 50. I suspect other readers have had this same question. First of all, I should point out that how I believe an endurance athlete should train is not...

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Pre-camp för nordiska sommarlägret

Fullt ös i helgen när unga ambassadörer från Sverige, Norge och Danmark träffades i Göteborg för att planera sommarens nordiska ungdomsläger; Nordic TRI Camp.

Nordiskt Paratriathlon-läger på Tjörn

I slutet av februari anordnas för första gången Nordic Paratriathlon Camp. Nybörjare såväl som erfarna triathleter hälsas varmt välkomna till den västkustska ön.

Välkommen till årsmötet 2016

Svenska Triathlonförbundets årsmöte 2016 kommer att hållas lördag 19 mars i Stockholm. Vi hälsar alla våra medlemsföreningar varmt välkomna. För att göra dagen än mer innehållsrik och värdefull bjuder vi in till trevliga möten i anslutning till årsmötet.


Jan Frodeno to go for world record in Roth

Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno has announced he is going to try and beat the world record in July

Greg James fiveday triathlon challenge

Braving winter temperatures and exhaustion Radio One DJ Greg James is halfway through his mammoth Sport Relief Gregathlon challenge and has raised well over 100000 go Greg

Joe Skippers mandatory twowheel and brick sets for Ironman bike run

These sessions will build muscular endurance and stamina and get your Ironman pace dialled in he says

Joe Skippers top 10 tips for Ironman success

From manning up to improving threshold power heres Joes top 10 tips for long distance triathlon success

10 minute recipe buckwheat pancakes with smoked salmon

Enjoy pancakes packed with athlete essentials carbs protein and minerals

Utfrågningen av Noakes återupptagen

Här är första sidan av dagens Cape Times, Kapstaden, idag. Utfrågningen av professor Tim Noakes – om en tweet(!) – är nu igång igen och pågår till den 17 februari. News24: Noakes wins battle for written reasons for hearing Det verkar som om The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) sysslar med häxjakt. Och en väldigt dyr sådan, […]

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Viktkampen för kvinnor 50+

Varför kämpar så många kvinnor över 50 med sin vikt, även på LCHF? Jacqueline Eberstein arbetade nära dr Robert Atkins (mannen bakom Atkins-kosten) under tre decennier och hon har massor av erfarenhet av att behandla människor med dessa problem. På lågkolhydratkryssningen 2015 höll hon en föreläsning i ämnet. Sedan satte vi oss och pratade om […]

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Att övervintra klimakteriedimman

Vill du lära dig mer om hälsa eller hjälpa andra? Här är veckans tre hetaste diskussioner på Kostdoktorns forum: Att övervintra klimakteriedimman… DRAKULLA berättar om svårigheterna att gå ner oönskade kilon eller till och med behålla en tidigare stabil vikt. LCHF eller ej, det verkar kvitta. Men härda ut! Dimman lättar och allt blir bättre. […]

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How to Conquer a Long Climb

Your eyes burn from the sweat dripping down your brow. Your heart pounds and your breath feels shallow and pointless. You're pedaling hard but hardly moving. Tackling a mountain summit is one of the toughest challenges you'll face on a bicycle. But, with a little practice and a lot of strategy, we can give you the tools you'll need to accomplish this daunting feat.

From pedaling technique to meditation, use these six tips to help you reach the top.

#1 Build Your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

If you wish to get better at climbing, particularly climbs that last 60 minutes or more, you'll need to train for it. The best way to do this is by improving your functional threshold power (FTP), which is the amount of power you can sustain for a one-hour period.

If you use a power meter to train, get your FTP by taking your average wattage over a 20-minute interval (as hard as you can ride), and multiply this number by 0.95. If you don't train with power, you can use your average heart rate to set training zones, but it won't be as accurate.

The workout: To build your FTP, do this classic interval:

- Warm up for 20 minutes.
- Do two 20-minute efforts at your FTP, with five minutes of easy spinning between sets. Your effort should be an eight or nine on the pain scale. 
- Cool down for 15 to 20 minutes of easy spinning.

#2 Pace Yourself

Riding too hard at the bottom of a long climb almost always leads to disaster at the top. If you're using a heart rate monitor or power meter, watch it to keep a steady, even effort from the bottom of the climb all the way to the top. Staying within the proper zones is an easy way to keep from going too hard too early.

If you notice your numbers begin to spike, it's best to back off on the lower part of the climb even if you're feeling good. You can always speed up later when you're closer to the summit.

#3 Meditate

We've all seen cyclists in the Tour de France grimace and clench their teeth as they crawl to the summit of an epic climb. While that suffering and drama works great for a television audience, the best way for you to make it to the top is to keep your mind and body calm and relaxed.

Use these tips when you feel your muscles tense as you begin to dig deep into a world of cycling torture:

- Don't think about the pain: Look at the scenery, stare at the clouds or think about some far off peaceful place—whatever it is, just keep your mind preoccupied and don't focus on how bad your legs feel, or how far you've got to go before you reach the top. It's easier said than done, but focusing on the pain will inevitably make you slow down or stop altogether.
- Relax your body: Tensing the muscles in your face, shoulders and arms will spend energy you should be conserving. Relax your breathing as you concentrate on keeping the muscles in your face and upper body in a meditative state.
- Let go of the death grip: That tight grasp on the handlebars will make it impossible for your upper body to relax and could affect your pedaling motion. Instead, rest your hands lightly on the tops—keep your upper body still—and let your legs do a majority of the work.

#4 Concentrate on Your Technique

When your legs begin to tire, your pedaling technique will be the first to go. Use these tips to continue a consistent cadence and keep your legs as fresh as possible:

- Try to keep your revolutions per minute (rpm) around 90.
- Use compact chainrings (53/39) if you can't maintain a 90-rpm cadence with your current setup.
- Recruit power from your hamstrings, glutes, back and core by dropping your heel at the bottom of the pedal stroke and sliding back on the saddle.
- Sit up with your hands relaxed on the tops or hoods, which will open up your lungs and help you generate more power on steeper gradients.

#5 Stay Seated, Except?

Keeping your posterior in the saddle is the best way to conserve energy and recruit power from the most muscle groups. The one exception to this rule is on the sections of road with the steepest gradient.

Standing out of the saddle on these sections will help you generate more power for shorter durations and even out the muscle strain across your body. If there are multiple steep sections you have to navigate, try alternating sitting and standing to mix things up.

#6 Eat

Waiting too long to begin eating is one sure-fire way to crack before you reach the top of a long climb. Instead of waiting until you've completely depleted your energy stores, start eating during the first hour of your ride. Aim for 60g of carbs and at least one bottle of water per hour of cycling. While you're on the climb, stick to energy gels instead of energy bars or other food that's harder to digest during extreme efforts. Save those goodies for the break you've promised yourself once you reach the summit and before you head back down—which is where the real fun begins.

Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

TriathlEats: Pasta e Fagioli

Photo: Leo DiCanio

A healthy twist on the Italian classic “pasta and beans,” this is a perfect dish to fuel cool-weather training.

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Super Cushy Rides: 14 Max Cushioned Running Shoes

Competitor magazine editor-in-chief Brian Metzler shares a look at some of the most cushioned shoes you’ll see in 2016.

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Zipp Adds 404s To Its NSW Line

The wheels on the road. Photo provided by Zipp.

Coming off of the great success of the 808 NSW, Zipp has brought the expertise of the “nest” to its 404s.

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Jan Frodeno To Race Challenge Roth

Frodeno is the defending Ironman world champion. Photo: John David Becker

The 2008 Olympic gold medalist and 2015 70.3 and Ironman world champion will go after the iron-distance world record.

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2016 Winter Triathlon World Championships Set For Saturday


The top winter triathletes from all over the world will join together in Zeltweg, Austria this weekend.

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Fast After 50

Joe Friel parses a longitudinal study to determine which types of training yield the best performances for aging athletes. The prescriptions are not what you might have guessed.

Kikkan Randall talks Pregnancy and Training

Kikkan Randall is the most successful American women's cross-country skier of all time. But this year, she elected to sit out the racing season in order to start a family.

The Slowman Cometh

We're invading your space. Our first Slowtwitch Road Show takes place just under 4 weeks from today, at Inside Out Sports in Cary, NC.

Training in La Palma, Spain

There are many similarities between Hawaii's Big Island and La Palma, Spain despite the 14,000 kilometers between them, but there are also some differences.

Roka R1 Goggle

Roka calls its angled lens feature Rapidsight. It is visibility without bulk, and without a raised profile that catches water. Yes the R1 is a goggle, but it's also a technical platform.


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