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Triathlon Sweden verkar för att utveckla triathlon i Sverige. Medlemskap är gratis, välkommen du också!


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Is There Enough Fiber In Your Diet?

Beans and lentils are good sources of fiber. Most people do not meet the recommended 20-35 grams of fiber daily. Photo:

Learn how this nutrient should fit into your nutrition plan.

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Look Back: 2013 St. Anthony’s Triathlon

Germany's Jan Frodeno and Canada's Alicia Kaye earned the victories at the 30th anniversary of the St. Anthony's Triathlon.

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ITU WTS Series Heads To Cape Town

Jonathan Brownlee and Javier Gomez will once again go head-to-head in Cape Town. Photo: Janos Schmidt/

This will mark the debut of Africa on the World Triathlon Series calendar.

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Joe Friel

Airbus Symposium

On Tuesday this week I had the rare experience of speaking to a group of upper-level managers from Airbus at a resort in Travemünde on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast. Airbus makes commercial airliners used by all of the major airlines around the world. Their primary competitor is Boeing. I don’t...

Recovery for Runners

Some time ago a magazine asked me some questions about recovery for runners for a piece they were writing. Recently an athlete asked similar questions and got me to thinking about this topic once again. The topic is a critical one for runners due to their propensity for injury. But...

Personal Update

It’s been almost three months since I lasted posted anything here. That’s a record for me, and I’ve been pretty good over the years at leaving big, empty gaps from time to time. This gap has been mostly due to the usual excuse – work. I’m writing what will be...

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Camilla Landén är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
för 28 minuter sedan
Irving Osbjer är nu medlem i Triathlon Sweden
Magnus Lindén har lagt upp ett foto
ProfilikonJussi toivomäki och Björn Eric Alexander Lindén gick med i Triathlon Sweden

4 Swimming Drills to Perfect Your Stroke

Swimming requires a lot of technique and training for your body to perform the way it needs to. One way to do this is to practice swimming drills. There is an endless supply of swimming drills that work on the common issues swimmers have with their stroke. Target the weakness in your stroke and then find the swimming drill that works for you.

Play Catch Up

Extending your body and your arms helps create a fluid stroke and get the maximum distance out of each stroke. While you can subconsciously shorten your arm strokes in an effort to move faster, it is important to lengthen your body while performing freestyle for this stroke to be fluid. The catch up drill will help you become aware of how you should be extending your arms during your stroke.

Begin with your standard freestyle kick and pull, then keep your left arm extended forward not moving until you pull with your right arm and return it to the extended position. Then pull with your left arm and repeat the move on the other side alternating as you swim down the lane. As the name implies, this drill done properly feels as though your right arm is catching up to your left before you can perform the next stroke and vice versa.

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Drag Your Fingertips

The fingertip drag drill focuses on your arm position as you are recovering from each stroke. Dragging your fingertips across the top of the water as you recover from each pull forces you to control your arm movement. It also prevents you from wasting energy or moving your arms haphazardly after each stroke.

To do this drill, begin by swimming freestyle as usual, then after you pull under the water and begin to bring your arm back up, drag your fingers over along the top of the water as you return your hand to the start of the stroke position. Be sure to keep your elbows more parallel to the water. This drill helps bring awareness to your arm position during recovery.

More: 4 Tips for a Faster Freestyle

Fortsättning här

Feel for the

Our New iPad / iPhone App - Miss Swinger vs. Mr Smooth

Please click to download
** Please note, the Android version of this app is coming soon! **

You've been asking for it and here it is (at last)! Our extremely cool new iPhone and iPad animation app is now in the App Store:

Miss Swinger shows you the Swinger stroke style in detail:

Forward and rewind frame by frame using the jog wheel.

Using a straighter arm recovery and two beat kick, this is the style used by most elite triathletes and open water swimmers. Study Miss Swinger's brilliant catch and pull-through, and notice how she creates all that rhythm whilst still using the full range of her stroke.

And of course we also feature Mr Smooth, who you know and love. He shows you the classic long Smooth stroke style used by Olympic Champions such as Ian Thorpe and Rebecca Adlington. The animation has been extensively updated with much improved water effects and lane motion:

You can use the pop-up jog wheel to adjust the stroke rate from 10 strokes per minute (super-slow motion) up to a full-on race pace of 90 strokes per minute. When the animation is paused the jog wheel lets you move forwards and backwards frame by frame.

If the water's obscuring your view you can even remove the water from the shot too:

What's more, every view is synchronised so if you pause the animation you can move around the angles to get a full appreciation of any position in the stroke:

To complete this brilliant coaching tool we've included several articles in the app comparing the stroke techniques of both animations and how to use them to develop your own swimming:

It's a must have for your swimming - download today!

And yes we have an Android version in the pipeline too... :)

Swim Smooth!


A day with Tyler Butterfield

Tyler Butterfield won the 2014 Abu Dhabi Triathlon and you can now experience a day with this fast Bermudian and family - through the lens of Timothy Carlson.

We Noticed: Pebble, XLab...

In this issue of What We Have Noticed we look at the Pebble steel watch, the XLab cage pod, Ortlieb's Velocity pack, awesome Brit bicycle art, and much more.


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Triathlete Europe

PROfile: Terenzo Bozzone

Terenzo Bozzone tried to chase him down, but Kienle was just too quick on the day.

On the heels of four junior world triathlon and duathlon titles, New Zealander Terenzo Bozzone roared into the professional triathlon ranks

More Speed For Less Money

Photo: Nils Nilsen

There are many ways to make your bike faster for the cash you have in your wallet right now. Add up a few of these affordable upgrades, and

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Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

SCT Duathlon ställer in, Uppsala ersätter

På lördag skulle Svenska duathloncupen dra igång med den första deltävlingen, SCT Duathlon, på Ekerö utanför Stockholm. Av olika anledningar tvingas nu arrangören ställa in. Istället hoppar Mantra Sport IF in och ordnar en ersättningstävling i Uppsala.

Uppskjuten tävlingsdebut för Lisa Nordén

Lisa skulle startat säsongen på WTS i Kapstaden till helgen men debuten skjuts upp till slutet av maj i London. Orsaken är kombination mellan en skada i foten och en virusinfektion hon drog på sig tidigare i år vilket har gjort att träningen inte kunnat göra tillräckligt. Just nu befinner sig Lisa på träningsläger i Stellenbosch med sin tränare Darren Smith.

EM-guld i åldersklassen H 70-74 ETU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon

Stort grattis till Åke Jonson (Heleneholms IF Tri Team) som i söndags tog hem ett EM-guld i ETU Powerman Long Distance duathlon. Tävlingen hölls i Horst och Åke vann sin åldersgrupp H 70-74. "Det kändes stort i söndags att få kliva fram och ta emot guldmedaljen inför en publik på ca 500 personer som applåderade! Det var extra kul att få besegra den regerande Age-group Europa-mästaren, skriver Åke"

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