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Med Tent: Strained (Pulled) Hamstring


Dealing with a pulled hamstring? Dr. Jordan Metzl discusses the symptoms, as well as how to fix it and prevent it in the future. The

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Mix It Up In The Pool To Stay Motivated

Photo: Ververidis Vasilis /

  Struggling in the pool for motivation? This time of year can be tough, but there are some things that you can do to make the pool a

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Why it helps to have a rival

2012 Ironman World Championship

We’re all motivated to pursue our athletic endeavours for different reasons—to lose weight, work toward a personal best or to simply

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Joe Friel

Muscle Cramps Question

Muscle cramps are one of the most perplexing problems endurance athletes face in training. I get several questions on what can be done about them every year. Here is such a question I just received. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hi Joe, I have recently purchased the Fast After 50 book and currently working...

The 9-Day Training Week

Since I wrote Fast After 50 I’ve gotten lots of queries from aging athletes about how to set up nine-day training “week” as I describe in the book. If you’ve read it you know that I suggest this for athletes who find they aren’t recovering as quickly as they did...

Cross Training and Performance

I often get questions about cross training. This is one that came in today from “Jack.” Most of it had to do with the athlete’s advancing age and having read my new book, Fast After 50. I’ve omitted all of that, but I’m most appreciative of his kind comments. Here...

The Weightlifting PMC, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series on setting up a Performance Management Chart on TrainingPeaks for strength training I only got as far as describing why you should only have one combined chart for all sports reflecting your total fatigue. All of the other sport activities should have separate...

Ny studie: Fitnessarmband orsakar VIKTUPPGÅNG!

Borde du röra på dig mer för att gå ner i vikt? Borde du kanske till och med investera i ett fitnessarmband som följer hur mycket du rör på dig – skulle det hjälpa dig att gå ner några extra kilon? Det låter rimligt. Men många studier har ifrågasatt hur effektivt träning verkligen är för […]

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”Och hur mår jag? Friskare, gladare, mer energisk, spänstigare”

Freda fick diagnosen pre-diabetes och bestämde sig direkt för att göra någonting åt saken. Efter att ha upptäckt LCHF och Diet Doctor i mars 2015, tömde hon sina skåp på kolhydratrika livsmedel och åkte för att handla LCHF-mat. Under året som sedan följde gick hon inte bara ner i vikt och fick mer energi, hon […]

Inlägget ”Och hur mår jag? Friskare, gladare, mer energisk, spänstigare” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Fettsnål kost: ”Ett massivt misslyckande för folkhälsan”

Fettsnål kost har varit ett ”massivt misslyckande för folkhälsan” och orsakar fortfarande mycket skada. Allt enligt en ny artikel av dr David Ludwig vid Harvards universitet, publicerad i den inflytelserika Journal of the American Medical Association: JAMA: Lowering the Bar on the Low-Fat Diet Även om de amerikanska kostråden från 2015 tog bort tidigare råd […]

Inlägget Fettsnål kost: ”Ett massivt misslyckande för folkhälsan” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.


A Commuter Rides a Century: 4 Quick Tips for Shifting Gears


Switzerland is calling you. Are you listening?

The Swissman Xtreme Triathlon features 3 tough mountain passes on the bike and more climbing during the run, and here is a video from the race.

Ironman Men's Predictions

Jan Frodeno and Sebastian Kienle will finish 1-2 but everything else is up in the air with many worthy contenders who could upset the applecart.

A verdict in the Pedro Gomes case

In early 2014 we wrote a story about betrayal and broken friendships in Portugal and on July 5, 2016 a criminal court in Lisbon handed down a verdict in the Pedro Gomes credit card theft case.

Swimrun in the USA

Adventure sports film producers 360 Media Ventures released a teaser from Casco Bay Islands Swimrun.

Argon's Smart Bike

Here you go, what you've been waiting for: a Siri experience with your bike.


How to train for your first Ironman

Training for your first Ironman triathlon race should not solely be focused on increasing volume while neglecting everything else says Spencer Smith Here are his top 10 tips

Ironman World Championships in Kona course and tactics

An overview of the Ironman World Championship course on Kona Hawaii

How to eat healthily when travelling

Your nutrition neednt go awry when youre travelling says Nigel Mitchell Here are his tips for making good nutritional choices when on the move

Cat Morrison launches kids clothing brand

Former tri world champ creates new sportswear company for young people

Tea versus coffee health benefits of each

Partial to the odd cup of coffee or tea but wondering which is best We take a look at the benefits of each


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