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Everything a triathlete needs to know about protein

Photo: Shutterstock

I have received several reader questions regarding protein — optimal daily intake, best sources, timing, etc. — so I’m taking this

Tips for training through a race

Kona's Leading Men

Two days before a “B” race last season, I’d planned to do a fairly long, flat bike ride. Instead, a friend invited me to join him for

RPM² launch insole-based power meter

Photo: John David Becker

The advancement and development of power meters may be the fastest growing gear segment in the multisport industry, and a new company

Celtman & the rise of extreme triathlons

There was a time where you could just enter Norseman, pay your money then turn up and race. Believe it or not, that used to be true of

Nicholls & Wutti win Ironman 70.3 Norway

Ritchie Nicholls and Eva Wutti took the titles at the IRONMAN 70.3 Norway, Haugesund thanks to outstanding run splits. The men’s race

Tweets från Lisa Norden


More Ironman Frankfurt pictures

Our second image gallery from the 2015 Ironman European Champs was taken by Kerry Yndestad who captured many great moments of the race.

Newton Distance Elite

A great, light shoe, probably only ideal for runners and triathletes who can get away with the bare minimum of support and cushioning.

Cupcakes with Cal: Sam Appleton

Callum Millward had great results this year, but he did not let that success get to his head and is now back again with a new Cupcakes with Cal season.

Course records fall in Frankfurt

Jan Frodeno crushed the bike and course record at the Ironman European Championships, and Daniela Ryf put on a dominating course record performance.

Nicholls, Wutti win Haugesund

Ritchie Nicholls' race-best run trumped Markus Thomschke's fastest bike split and Eva Wutti ran away from defending champion Susie Cheetham to win Ironman 70.3 Haugesund

Can Strength Training (Really) Make You a Faster Runner?

Much has been written about strength training for runners—with articles describing every kind of exercise from lunges while holding dumbbells and calf raises to endless abdominal crunches and core training on a big, lime stability ball.

A stronger core aside, have you ever wondered if these training suggestions will really lead to a faster 5K or marathon?

Unlike most sports, which require strength, speed and power, distance running is primarily limited by the delivery and use of oxygen. There are no studies proving that strength training increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles and heart. Oxygen wouldn't recognize a dumbbell if it were hit on the head with one.

The responsibility of oxygen delivery rests on the shoulders of your cardiovascular system. The greater your stroke volume (the volume of blood pumped by your heart per beat) and cardiac output (the volume of blood pumped by your heart per minute), the more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles. And the more muscle capillaries and mitochondria you have, the greater your muscles' capacity to use the available oxygen.

MoreGimme Oxygen!

Although a 25- or 30-minute 5K runner will likely improve his or her performance by strength training because the overall stimulus is greater when doing both running and strength training (and thus improving overall fitness), this runner is better served by spending more time running and improving the cardiovascular and metabolic traits associated with endurance than by strength training.

While some studies have found that strength training may help improve the performance of inexperienced runners with a low fitness level, other studies have shown it to be ineffective. If you do your strength training at a gym, it's reasonable to assume that between driving back and forth, the time spent in the locker room, and the workout itself, it takes you about 1.5 hours. If you strength train three times per week, that's 4.5 hours per week you're spending going to the gym. Depending on your pace, you can run an extra 25 to 45 miles per week in those 4.5 hours. And those extra miles will more likely have a direct impact on your 5K or marathon performance than the strength training.

Perhaps you're thinking, "If I strength train, won't that help prevent injuries?" That's the million-dollar question. So far, research has not shown this to be the case. Unless you have a documented muscle strength imbalance that needs to be corrected, strength training will not likely prevent running-related injuries because running-related injuries are not caused by lack of strength.

More7 Secrets to Prevent Running Injuries

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Annerstedt och Fleetwood segrade i Umeå

I dag söndag 5 juli 2015 kördes andra deltävlingen i Danske Invest Triathlon Series. Tävlingen arrangerades i centrala Umeå på avstängda gator och det blev riktigt ett riktigt bra arrangemang.

Vansbro får SM på medeldistans 2016-2017

Vansbro och Dalregementets IF blir värd för SM på triathlon på medeldistans 2016 och 2017. SM-tävlingen som arrangeras inom ramen för Vansbro triathlon kommer att äga rum den 2 juli nästa år.

Next up: Umeå Triathlon

Nu på söndag möts några av Sveriges främsta triathleter i Umeå för att göra upp om segern i den andra deltävlingen i Danske Invest Triathlon Series. Det blir också starter för motionärer såklart, på sprint och olympisk distans samt stafett.

VM-helg med folkfest, dubbla lagguld och fina svenska insatser

Sverige visade sig från sin bästa sida när världseliten på långdistans samlades i ett soligt Motala i lördags. Folkfesten, spänningen och fler fina svenskinsatser, bl.a. dubbla lagguld, gjorde det till ett minnesvärt mästerskap.

Gå ner i vikt genom att bara äta när du är hungrig

Vill du gå ner i vikt? Jag håller på att uppdatera och färdigställa sidan med tips för att gå ner i vikt. De första tre tipsen är att välja lågkolhydratkost, äta när du är hungrig och äta riktig mat. Idag är det dags för ett nytt fjärde råd. Ett råd som är kontroversiellt i LCHF-kretsar, men […]

Inlägget Gå ner i vikt genom att bara äta när du är hungrig dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Läsk kan döda 184 000 per år

Att dricka läsk och juice kan döda så många som 184 000 vuxna per år. Detta enligt en ny studie publicerad i Circulation. Mail Online: Fizzy drinks lethal toll: Scientists warn they kill 184,000 a year through diabetes, heart disease and cancer Forbes: Sugary Drinks Linked To Many Thousands Of Deaths Globally NYT: Sugary Drinks Take a Deathly Toll […]

Inlägget Läsk kan döda 184 000 per år dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

LCHF för typ 1-diabetes?

Många inser att LCHF gör underverk för typ 2-diabetes. Men hur är det med typ 1-diabetes? Det är en helt annan typ av sjukdom, och ändå finner många att samma LCHF-kost fungerar mycket bra med typ 1-diabetes också, genom att dramatiskt sänka insulinbehovet och få ett mycket stabilare blodsocker som är lättare att reglera. Och […]

Inlägget LCHF för typ 1-diabetes? dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Fannys LCHF-frukost #9 – kokosgröt

Saknar du gröt till frukost ibland men vill undvika kolhydrater? Här är det nionde LCHF-frukostförslaget från Fanny Lindkvist. Kokosgröt Ingredienser till 1 portion

Inlägget Fannys LCHF-frukost #9 – kokosgröt dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

Part 2: Training Stress Score—So What?

This is a continuation of my posts related to TrainingPeaks’ Performance Management Chart. It appeared recently on their blog. If you don’t use the PMC then this post probably won’t make sense to you. But I can tell you that it is the most effective single tool I’ve found for...

Part 1: Chronic Training Load—So What?

The following post appeared in the TrainingPeaks blog a couple of weeks ago. But since a lot of athletes don’t get that or may have missed it I’m reporting it here. If you don’t use TrainingPeaks or WKO software then it probably won’t make much sense to you. It appears...

Question on Heart Rate

For some unknown reason I’ve recently received the same basic question three times in emails this week. The question has to do with using a heart rate monitor to gauge intensity. The email senders don’t understand why it is becoming harder to get heart rates higher. I’m afraid we’ve come...

The CTL Ramp Rate

This piece also appeared last week in the TrainingPeaks newsletter. But since not everyone sees that I’m posting it again here. ---------------------------------------- If you use the Performance Management Chart (PMC) on, the mobile app, or WKO you are probably familiar with Chronic Training Load (CTL). It’s a rolling, daily...

High-Fat Diet Questions

Today I received an email from a rower who had read my book, Fast After 50. In it I comment on the high-fat diet as one alternative to eating for high performance. I also mentioned it in this week's blog on How to Recover (Follow Up). The reader had a...


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Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

Video: Paratriathlete Melissa Stockwell Looks Ahead To Rio

Melissa Stockwell at the 2013 Ironman Arizona triathlon. Photo: Nick Morales

Eleven years after losing her leg, American Melissa Stockwell is one of paratriathlon's biggest stars.

The post Video: Paratriathlete Melissa Stockwell Looks Ahead To Rio appeared first on

Inside My Gear Bag With Jan Frodeno

Ironman European champion Jan Frodeno (aka “Frodissimo”) shares a glimpse into his race travel bag.

The post Inside My Gear Bag With Jan Frodeno appeared first on

One-Hour Workout: 30 Seconds Hard, 30 Seconds Easy Run

Scott DefIlippis at the 2014 Ironman Boulder triathlon. Photo: Nick Morales

Try this simple but effective workout from professional triathlete and coach Scott DeFilippis.

The post One-Hour Workout: 30 Seconds Hard, 30 Seconds Easy Run appeared first on

Four Ways To Use … Eggplant

Photo: John David Becker

Incorporate this versatile veggie into your diet with these four recipes.

The post Four Ways To Use … Eggplant appeared first on


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27 april – 3 maj: lite ändringar

Jag har dragit ner något på träningen, dels för att inte kräma ur mig själv så mycket att jag tappar lusten, dels för att jag faktiskt inte har ambitionen att vinna något utan att ha kul, slutligen så handlar det om att gå från 12 pass + core i…


Upplagd av Patric Broman den 9 Maj 2015 klockan 21.32

De osimmande svenskarna?

Som triathlonarrangör blir man snart medveten om att många svenskar anser att dom inte kan simma. När vi pratar triathlongrenar har dom ofta inga problem med cyklingen och löpningen, men ”Nej, simma det kan jag inte!” Inte ens kortaste sträckan…


Upplagd av HK Sport Events den 7 April 2015 klockan 10.00



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