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Signs you need new running shoes

Photo: Scott Draper|

Running shoes don’t last forever, but you can’t necessarily follow the old adage that each pair will last 400 miles either. Running in

Learn to love the triathlon swim

Photo: Thierry Sourbier/Endurapix

I can pick out the “swimmers” at the start line of any triathlon. They are the only ones who don’t look like they are about to puke.

60 minute session: Fast pyramid brick

Photo: Shutterstock

Every Friday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!). This week’s brick workout comes

Triathlon Love: Understanding the doublespeak

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It’s taken five years and a combined 15 Ironman finishes, but I think my husband and I are finally speaking the same language. Sure, the

Athletes at risk of illness in Rio 2016 waters

The Associated Press reveals the results of its investigation into the safety of the water at the 2016 Olympic venues in Rio de Janeiro,


Beautiful UltraTri Sweden images

Starters at the 2015 UltraTri Sweden swam 12k, biked 510k and ran 93k, and while there was a winner, events like this are not so much about time, distance and placing.

Guy in a black suit with red hair

David Dellow had an age group bib number at Challenge Roth and was thus somewhat under the radar, but that did not stop him from grabbing a podium spot.

Is Rio's Water a Lab Experiment?

Three days before the Rio Test Event, the AP wrote of competitors "who have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea," because of water quality.

Frederik Van Lierde's Cervelo P5

At the IM European Championships in Frankfurt, Germany we noticed the green custom painted Cervelo P5 of 2013 IM Kona champion Frederik Van Lierde.

Canyon goes Down Under

Every time we feature a Canyon bike, riders outside of Europe want to know how to get one, and now they are available to Australians and Kiwis.

Nyheter från Competitor Triathlon

Ironman Reveals Initial 70.3 World Championship Start List

Daniela Ryf will go after both the 70.3 and Ironman world titles this fall. Photo: Paul Phillips/Competitive Image

Highlighting the list are defending champions Javier Gomez (ESP) and Daniela Ryf (SUI), who will both be heavy favorites to regain their

The post Ironman Reveals Initial 70.3 World Championship Start List appeared first on

Cebu To Host 2016 Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship

Brent McMahon wins the 70.3 Philippines in 2014.

Ironman today announced that Cebu, Philippines will host the 2016 Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship on Aug. 7, 2016.

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Guilloux, Pooley Victorious At Alp De Huez Triathlon

James Cunnama (2nd), Arnaud Guilloux (1st) and Scott Defilippis (3rd) make up the men's podium. Photo:

France's Arnaud Guilloux and Great Britain's Emma Pooley raced to the victories at the legendary Alpe d'Huez Long Course Triathlon in

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Why (And How) To Try These 5 Ancient Grains

Farro Photo:

When it comes to the grains on your dinner plate, it’s a good idea to look to the past for future performance and health gains.

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Highlights From The Training Peaks Endurance Coaching Summit

The summit took place on the University of Colorado campus.

The first annual Endurance Coaching Summit brought together more than 150 coaches to talk about the science and business of coaching.

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Tweets från Lisa Norden


6 Sets to Build Swimming Endurance

Along with swimming smooth, swimming with sustainability, or swimming endurance, is the most important skill for a triathlete to have. It does a triathlete no good to get out in front of the pack, swim strong to the first buoy, then completely come apart and struggle the rest of the way. The ability to sustain a high intensity is paramount, behind only smooth in importance. Having a pretty stroke for half the race and then watching your arms come off and float to the bottom of the ocean isn't terribly useful.

More: 4 Steps to a Smooth 1.5K Swim

As stated, a major part of sustainable work will be focused on maintaining smooth swimming. The other focus of sustainable swimming is being fit enough to allow you to get out of the water after 1.5K and blast up the beach, through T1 and out onto your bike.

These will be longer sets, much like your long, slow-distance runs and rides. Maintaining a steady pace and heart rate is the goal, not cranking it to 11.

Be sure to warm up before you go into your main sets with 200 to 500 yards nice and easy. This should shake the cobwebs out and get the blood into your muscles. You can also use active rest, 50 to 100 yards easy.

Please note that under set #2 there are many ideas for drill variation. Be creative with this. These are guidelines and ideas. They can be used on almost any of these sets. Many of the other sets also have variation possibilities.

Set #1

  • 3 x 500 - Sustainable pace, set rest
  • Total: 1500 yards

Much like the 10 x 100 strong set, this is an excellent benchmark set for swimming endurance. While swimming these 500s, you should monitor stroke deterioration, prevent yourself from dropping your hips, drive the stroke from your hips, prevent your elbows from falling below your hands, and avoid cutting your finish short. Your goal should be to finish each 500 at about the same time. You don't want to fade, you want to pace properly. This set is nearly 1.5K, and so it's a good test set.

More: Set a Training Benchmark With a Swim Time Trial

Set #2

  • 5 to 10 x 200 - Sustainable pace, set rest
  • Total: 1000 to 2000 yards

These 200s make a great bread-and-butter set for 1.5K preparation. They are long enough that you build endurance, but not so long as to be intimidating. You can't crank a 200 like it's a 100, but you don't need to worry about swimming too hard and getting exhausted like a 500.

Smooth Variations for Set #2

A) Mixing the 1, 2, 3, swim drill into the 200 set is an excellent way to get both distance and technique worked at the same time. I suggest doing the first 100 as the 1, 2, 3, Swim and the second 100 normal, while focusing on the grab.

Breathing drills are very helpful for sustainability. A good breathing drill is 5, 7, 9 drill. This is done by counting strokes and breathing on the fifth, then seventh, then ninth, then back to fifth stroke. It will hurt, but it will force you to smooth out your stroke and make it more efficient. Efficient strokes use less oxygen.

More: Proper Breathing Technique

Breathing on odd numbered strokes also means that you will be bilaterally breathing, or breathing to both sides. Bilateral breathing is important because you don't want to be breathing directly into a wave or another swimmer. Beginners should modify the 5, 7, 9 drill to 3, 5, 7. The goal is success, not failure. You will not get better through failure in these drills. You need to practice correctly. If getting all the way to seven is too hard at the beginning only do a 3, 5 repeat. Do not ego swim.

B) Incorporate the 5, 7, 9 (3, 5, 7) drill into the 200s the same way you would incorporate the 1, 2, 3, Swim drill, as 100 drill/100 swim.

c) Mix two drills into one 200. For example: 100 - 5, 7, 9/100 - Fingertip Drag.

More: Pacing Makes Perfect: 6 Ways to train for the Triathlon Swim Start

Set #3

  • 4/5 x 300/400- Sustainable pace, set rest
  • Total: Varies

Repeating heavier distances will be beneficial. Different distances and different numbers of reps allow for different intensities. The goal for all of these, like the goal in the 3 x 500 set, is for there to be very little fade between each swim. You want to be swimming hard enough to feel it, pushing it, but not so hard that things are going wrong.

Smooth Variation: Odd/Even - Easy/Hard swim. On the odd numbered laps, swim easy. On the even numbered laps, swim hard. So you are repeating 300s, but only swimming half of it hard. Mentally, this makes the set much easier. Hard laps need to be done with a strong intensity. A variation on this variation is to alternate by 50s rather than 25s, so Easy 50/Hard 50.

More: 6 Workouts for a Stronger Swim

Set #4

  • Giant Ladder
    • 1 x 100- sustainable pace/set rest
    • 1 x 200
    • 1 x 300
    • 1 x 400
    • 1 x 500
  • Total: 1500yards

Giant ladders are great. You need to be looking forward to that 500 at the end, so you need to pace the "easier" 100 and 200 so you still have energy for the 500, but you don't want to dog the early swim either. Nothing makes it harder to swim hard than to start out too easy. You get lazy and complacent.

The most difficult part of the longer sets is staying within your body the whole time. It is very easy to drift and lose focus. When you drift your body begins to betray you and you lose intensity and smoothness. Stay focused. Monitor what your hands, hips, core, head, elbows and shoulders are doing. Do what you need to do to remain present.

Higher-difficulty variation: Climb back down the ladder. After the 500 do a 400, 300, 200 and 100. Blast the 100.

More: Climb the Ladder With Janet Evans

Set #6

  • 1 x 1650
  • Total: 1650 yards

This should not be a regular set. It's a good test to do every once in a while. The key is staying within yourself and pushing the whole time. Focus on nothing but the lap count and fill your mind with positive self-talk. Don't think, "Ugh, 40 more laps!" Break it into smaller chunks and think, "That was a good 200; Let's do another one."

Triathlon-Specific Sustainability Notes

For many triathletes the swim is that awful thing between the gun and the bike. Smooth swimming and swimming endurance are how you go from hating the swim to tolerating or even loving it. It's a chance to warm up, find your groove, and get your head right. Few things feel better than getting into T1 and seeing a ton of bikes.

But in order to be sustainable you must work hard and, counter-intuitively, slow. Strokes fall to pieces when they are done too fast. Speed will come, but it takes a lot of work and even more patience.

You are looking for a lower stroke count (less strokes = more energy later, remember?) in all of these sets. This will translate well into your open water swims. Long,smooth strokes. The sustainable sets are more important than the strong sets.

Try and keep this simple tenant in your head when working on swimming endurance: A stroke that looks as good at the swim exit as it did at the start is a good stroke. If you can do that, then your swim will be good, and it will get fast.

More: Adding Speed and Efficiency to Technique

Nyheter från Svenska Triathlonförbundet

Lisa Nordén i för-OS i Rio på söndag

På söndag avgörs ITU World Olympic Qualification Event i Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien. Lisa Nordén tror inte på en direktkvalificering men ser fram emot att tävla och testköra OS-banan.

Malmö Triathlon för fjärde gången på söndag

Nu på söndag 2 augusti samlas runt 700 triathleter vid Daniaparken för den fjärde upplagan av Malmö Triathlon. Tävlingsområdet med växlingar, målgång, mässa och expo är beläget vid Daniaparken i närheten av Turning Torso.

Rapport från U23 EM och UEM i Banyoles

I helgen avgjordes EM för U23 och ungdomar i spanska Banyoles. På plats för att köra U23 fanns Ludwig Fleetwood och för ungdomsstafett var det Martin Johansson, Daniel Nöu, Axel Ramhult, Cecilia Czarnecki, Ida Österman och Clara Falkenek.

Svensk och Bäckson svenska mästare på medeldistans

I helgen genomfördes den sjätte upplagan av Vätter Challenge i Jönköping. Efter en händelserik SM-tävling blev det till slut Sara Svensk, Triathlon Väst, och Fredrik Bäckson, Umara Sports Club, som kunde titulera sig svenska mästare.

Jubileumspris på Matkärlek

Nu är det ett år sedan den populära LCHF-kokboken Matkärlek kom ut. Då skrev jag att det kan vara den bästa LCHF-kokboken hittills. Du som ännu inte har boken kan passa på att köpa den till jubileumspris från förlaget – 169 kronor inklusive moms och frakt (nätpris annars 190 kronor).

Inlägget Jubileumspris på Matkärlek dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Från 37 till 5 i blodsocker

Sören blev inlagd akut på intensiven med skyhögt blodsocker. Här är hans korta berättelse om vad som hände när han INTE följde de kostråd han fått: Mejlet Hej! Först vill jag tacka för bra sida. Den 13:e april blev jag inlagd på intensiven på Enköpings sjukhus jag hade då 99 i långtidssocker och 37.3 i […]

Inlägget Från 37 till 5 i blodsocker dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

”Vad händer om jag äter normalt igen?”

Vill du lära dig mer om hälsa eller hjälpa andra? Här är veckans tre hetaste diskussioner på Kostdoktorns forum: Vad händer om jag äter normalt igen? Mediax undrar vad som kan hända om hon börjar äta ”normalt” igen efter LCHF. Hur kommer kroppen att reagera på gluten och hur kommer det att gå med vikten? Vilka erfarenheter […]

Inlägget ”Vad händer om jag äter normalt igen?” dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Åses LCHF-laxburgare med mangocurrydressing

Här är ett nytt recept från Åse Falkman Fredriksons senaste bok Ät och njut! Laxburgare med mangocurrydressing Ingredienser, 4 portioner Laxburgare 6 skivor LCHF-formfranska 3 laxfiléer 3 äggulor ½ gul lök 3 msk grädde Salt, vitpeppar 1 tsk chiliflakes Dressing ½ dl majonnäs 1 dl crème fraîche Mangocurrykrydda eller curry + finhackad färsk mango efter smak 1 […]

Inlägget Åses LCHF-laxburgare med mangocurrydressing dök först upp på Kostdoktorn.

Joe Friel

Avoiding Overtraining

About once every month or so I receive an email from an athlete asking if overtraining may be the cause of his or her current condition that is nearly always marked by lingering fatigue. When after a few days of being more tired than usual most athletes assume a day...

Part 3: Training Stress Balance—So What?

The following appeared a few days ago on the blog. It’s the last of three-part series on the Performance Management Chart on the TrainingPeaks site and on WKO software. This is a powerful tool for serious athletes and coaches once they learn how to use it. ---------------------------------------- Training Stress...

Part 2: Training Stress Score—So What?

This is a continuation of my posts related to TrainingPeaks’ Performance Management Chart. It appeared recently on their blog. If you don’t use the PMC then this post probably won’t make sense to you. But I can tell you that it is the most effective single tool I’ve found for...

Part 1: Chronic Training Load—So What?

The following post appeared in the TrainingPeaks blog a couple of weeks ago. But since a lot of athletes don’t get that or may have missed it I’m reporting it here. If you don’t use TrainingPeaks or WKO software then it probably won’t make much sense to you. It appears...

Question on Heart Rate

For some unknown reason I’ve recently received the same basic question three times in emails this week. The question has to do with using a heart rate monitor to gauge intensity. The email senders don’t understand why it is becoming harder to get heart rates higher. I’m afraid we’ve come...


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Nu har följebåten med bästa besättningen @ebbadjurberg och @eklundjens lämnat oss så nu måste vi börja tänka igen! Mat, navigering, pepp, vätska, värme och kärlek måste vi nu stå för själva. Dag 9 bjöd på 50+ km löpning och några korta simningar. Imorn betar vi av slutspurten in mot Åbo!! @addnature #addnature_ostersjosimmet #älskaäventyr

Nu har vi äntligen klivit upp efter våran SISTA simning, "bara" 42 km landlöpning till Åbo kvar :) Vi skulle bli jätteglada om ni som kan hjälper till att stötta Östersjöfonden och @hallsverigerent . Det är superenkelt, från Sverige kan ni swisha valfritt belopp till 900 28 17. Allt går till arbete mot den marina nedskräpningen i Östersjön! 👍 @addnature #älskaäventyr #soumi #Finland #icebreakernz #garminvirb #clifbarsweden #headhero


Om vi har ont nånstans? Bättre fråga: Var har vi inte ont? Det kan verka som att det bara är frid och fröjd här ute i Ålands skärgård men vi börjar helt klart bli lite smått mörbultade såhär 200 km löpning och 60 simning in på äventyret. Vi har skavsår på alla möjliga ställen, mest i nacken, möra i axlar och ben och ont i muskler vi inte visste fanns. Utöver det är vi mest bara generellt trötta. Men humöret är fortfarande på topp! Hej dag 8! @addnature #älskaäventyr #addnatureöstersjösimmet #clifbarsweden #garminvirb #headswimmingnordic #östersjösimmet #weswimrun #hållsverigerent #östersjöfonden


Vi leker faktiskt inte bara om dagarna. Här på väg i vattnet en kort etapp på väg till ö (typ..) 79. Dagen bjöd på allt vi kunde önska, till slut sol och helt vindstilla!! ☀ Nu är vi iland på Brändö. Dag 7 slutade på totalt ca 25 k löpning i riktigt köttig terräng och 10 km simning i perfekt spegel. Bara 3 dagar kvar (hoppas vi på)! @addnature #älskaäventyr #weswimrun #headswimmingnordic #garminvirb

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